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Some of you out there think playing videogames and hosting dance parties in the library make the library "fun" so that the illiterate kiddies who'd normally never come near the library will show up. I think library school could be made less boring by making it more rigorous, in keeping with real graduate programs.(One might ask what difference does it make if they show up, but that's another question.) Now someone has the great idea to make library schools "fun" as well, to make sure that the library school students won't get to bored with all this "education."If you're reading this blog, there's a good chance that you consider(ed) library school to be tedious and something of an intellectual joke. But the majority in this, as everything prevails, and we know that can never happen. What's better than to pay for a course where you get to sit around and play videogames?I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to help out, but it sounds like the students did quite well on their own. But after all, what do you expect of a degree where you sit around in class playing videogames? Hire some smart teens for /hour to host dance parties and play videogames and troubleshoot the computers and check out the occasional DVD.I would love to see more LIS courses playing and exploring like this, helping the students form their own opinions."Yep, me too. If we just admit that library school is an intellectual joke, then libraries can also benefit. If library school is to teach you how to play videogames and libraries are there to host dance parties and bring in the kiddies, forget these "educated" librarians. This stuff doesn't require a master's degree, or even a college degree. Plus, they already know how to play videogames and dance.

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It is crucial that the nation does not move directly from the old conflict, "is global warming real?

During 2008, US environment writer Bill Mc Kibben and colleagues established the climate activist group 350.org, with the aim of spreading the message that policy targets need to reflect the scientific imperative.

The campaign has harnessed many people and organisations' collective energy and has been successful in the United States, and internationally at such forums at COP14 in Poznan, in helping to educate people that targets such as 450 ppm (per million) carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are not acceptable, that the current level of carbon dioxide (387 ppm) is too high for a safe climate, and so our action must be zero emissions and a cooling of the planet.

If people around the world know nothing else about global warming, we need them to understand that 350 represents a kind of safety – if we can get that message across, then they’ll demand dramatic action from their leaders The final piece of the puzzle came early this year, and again from James Hansen.

Twenty years after his crucial testimony, he published a paper with several coauthors called ‘Target Atmospheric CO2’.

science fiction, however far removed in time and space, is really about the present day.

Very few attempts have been made to visualize a unique and self-contained future that offers no warnings to us.”Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150AD is a film that is often interpreted as a science fiction treatment of British anxieties about the Second World War, with the Daleks cast as the Nazis, the Dalek mine as a forced labour camp and the resistance movement of the film almost nostalgic for the war and the strange certainty of terror it conferred upon Britain, at a time when upheavals of other, more nebulous kinds were occurring in the country and the world at large.

After a little bit of business about the TARDIS being bigger on the inside than on the outside and establishing that it travels in time and space, we are whisked to future Earth, only to find London in Susan and Louise are taken down into the underground, literally, via Embankment tube station, meeting the three major figures of the resistance.

David is a young, serious fighter, played with conviction by Ray Brooks.

Miró su reloj y sacudió pensativo la cabeza.-No estimado señor, no, ahí se equivoca.

Precisamente esa es la gracia, que se paró justo a las dos y media.