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) joins the cast this season as FBI Agent Tammy Gregorio, and CBS President of Entertainment Glenn Geller said Tammy will be an out lesbian.“They’re doing a storyline a little later in the fall where the audience will understand that and see that,” he said during a TCA executive session. As the best friend to star Katy Mixon‘s Katie, Carly commiserates with her friends about the Stepford moms they live amongst.This week, TVLine reported Tammy has been sent to New Orleans from D. “to investigate Pride’s team—triggered by the departure of Meredith Brody (Zoe Mc Lellan) in the wake of that season-ending Homeland Security/Agent Russo hullabaloo.” Described as “a by-the-book bureaucrat,” Tammy will have “a completely different way of doing things—as well as a mysterious past—putting her at odds with both the team and the town.” ensemble as Angela, one of the “misfits” of Westport, Connecticut. She’s also going through a divorce from her wife.“I play a lesbian, but the best part to me is that it’s not about her being a lesbian, which was important to me, because I’m not a lesbian, but I also wanted to make sure I did it justice,” Carly said.Leading the team is Special Agent Dwayne Pride, a.k.a."King," a native of New Orleans who is driven by his need to do what is right.Now, the network is moving the series to 10pm, a timeslot with fewer viewers.Will this move negatively impact the ratings or, could they grow? I guess I just make a mental note: Oh, I know who I'm dealing with.6. I'm gonna have to go with Vanessa Ferlito — I think she'd be the best real life spy. I'm not big on singing anywhere other than the shower.7. The tightrope walk, he dances on both sides of it, and has done some pretty dark things. Which actor on Graceland would make the best spy IRL?

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Perhaps that's a little premature, but on NCIS: New Orleans Season 3, the procedural is definitely going through some growing pains. Ratings have fallen from 11.12 million for this season's premiere to a low of 9.531 million, before recovering slightly to 9.616 million on Oct. But not all the decline is the result of the time-slot change.That sure sounds a sunny day in the park, which would explain that very thrilled look on her face in this pic from Tuesday's episode.NCIS: New Orleans is a drama about the local field office that investigates criminal cases involving military personnel in The Big Easy, a city known for its music, entertainment and decadence. But in my head, I've had an English bulldog named Banksy one of those so ugly that they're cute. For me, it's like a bad review — and I've had plenty of those so I'm good.13. Who would be a scarier boss, Miranda Priestly or Paul Briggs? I mean I love dogs and cats, and I've had both, but right now I'm about a hair's breadth away from adopting a frenchie.9. I don't know, I'm gonna let the dog name itself according to its personality. The fallout for a bad performance as an undercover narcotics agent is probably death if the person you're dealing with doesn't believe you. I'm pretty sure it'd be harder to be tortured than to be the torturer though I can't imagine that either variables in that equation can walk away with all of their humanity intact.20.This Tuesday on NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, 10/9c), FBI Special Agent Gregorio (new series regular Vanessa Ferlito) attempts to help Lasalle (Lucas Black) crack a personal mystery before she bids the Big Easy adieu.Related Veteran NCIS Producers Named New Showrunners In the sneak peek above, the pair are tracking a Navy Seal candidate’s last whereabouts prior to being murdered when Lasalle conspicuously dodges a persistent woman’s phone call.Does he have a potential “bunny boiler” on his hands, Gregorio asks?And why is she asking, if she plans to bolt Nola once the cartel case is closed?She's going to loosen up a bit and embrace New Orleans, and how wonderful it is.That will make her happy."Before the happiness though comes the encounter -- reuniting with the man who ruined her name and made her flee the city.