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In his online chat, Warrecker tells the decoy, “ Now, Warrecker is at the door, being met by a youngish looking 18-year-old decoy, playing the girl who’s supposed to be home alone.

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After his sidechicks put the dirty dog on blast via Twitter, Dezmon was forced to admit that he did indeed write the messages, and his relationship with Royce was donezo!

Well, it looks like Royce has decided to return the favor to her dirty dog ex and recently blasted a text conversation where Dez was trying to send her freaky sexts after getting back with his baby mama…

Royce later deleted the texts so the star might be messy but her ex really ain’t isht.

Do you think Royce was petty for posting the texts on instagram or did the right thing??

Royce recently sat down with VH1 to dish on her company Fantashique, her baller-boo Dezmon Briscoe (who is apparently still in the picture), which of her ex- cast mates she’s no longer beefing with, and more.might remember when Royce Reed’s now ex-boyfriend was outed after the mother of his child posted racy and inappropriate text messages between them.Well even though it’s years later, Reed has turned the tables on the situation and is causing viewers everywhere to gasp out loud after she dropped a major bomb on social media. Don't say ignore it, let it go, or be the bigger person... Something MUST be up because, by the looks of it, Dwight Howard is actually getting along with the mother of (one of) his kids, Royce Reed.But, for the last few years the two have been embroiled in bitter lawsuits and ugly disputes. Fans first spotted the pair on Reed’s Instagram page where she posted pics of them with their son, plus she added the caption, “We are #Family”. Congrats to Howard and Reed for working things out.While she has since removed that post (see it over at “I don’t say isn without backup/proof. Just to refresh your memory, NBA baller Dwight and former NBA dancer Royce have an eight-year-old son together.Do you remember the infamous ex of ' Basketball Wives' star Royce Reed who was outed on Twitter for cheating on her?Well the drama between them has resurfaced and this time Reed is on the other end.We kinda talked and I think she realizes where I was coming from, and I think she realizes I was being a true friend to her.I’ve always cared about Tami, I’m not gonna badmouth her, I will voice my opinion though. She actually reached out to me to get Evelyn’s contact information after Evelyn went through all her stuff.