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While statistics can be spun to make almost anything look good, I've tried to report just the basic facts.

Who is lita ford dating

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En avril 2001, Lita a commencé à pourchasser le titre féminin encore une fois.

Elle a lancé un défi à la championne Chyna à Judgment Day le , mais a été battue.

There’s a sexual ambiguity that exists surrounding Joan Jett, and has throughout her entire career.

Even in the book, Joan says she will not define her sexuality:“I’m not discussing personally who I’m doing anything with.

Le couple s'est battu dans plusieurs combats en équipe au début de l'année.

Quelque temps après, une rivalité est née entre Team Xtreme et The Two-Men Power Trip.

Dans le même mois, Eddie Guerrero a commencé à s'associer avec The Hardy Boyz.

The band's "jailbait on the run" gimmick garnered significant media attention and The Runaways became a successful recording and touring act during their late 1970s heyday.

But the closest anyone could ever come to knowing the full story of The Runaways is in a new book from rock journalist Evelyn Mc Donnell, .

It’s also a lot queerer than anything you’ve ever heard about the young women before.

Vocalist/guitarist Joan Jett wanted the band to shift to a more Ramones-influenced punk rock sound, while Ford and drummer Sandy West wanted to continue playing the hard rock-oriented songs the band had become known for.

Lita Ford has been through living hell over the last several years.

Her fairytale marriage to rocker Jim Gillette ended badly.

Her Cinderella life, living on her own private island, came to and end.

Ford's lead-guitar playing became an integral element of the band's sound until their eventual break-up in April 1979.

In 1977, internal conflicts were erupting within The Runaways, who had by that time already parted ways with producer Fowley, lead singer Cherie Currie, and bassist Jackie Fox.

Since that time, Lita has taken a lot of time to rebuild her life and her career.

She teamed up with guitarist Gary Hoey to write and record her new album, Living Like a Runaway.