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Given that Brownstein was out at the time and part of the queer-friendly, feminist riot grrrl scene, her answer is surprising.

“I think that kind of terminology is dangerous – this ‘owing.’ I think we need to change the conversation from ‘Do you owe me this? Let us know your take in the comments section below!This week, real-life rockstars Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker participated in Rookie Mag’s brilliantly earnest Ask A Grown Woman series.They recorded the video together in Dublin, one of the stops on the current leg of Sleater-Kinney’s reunion tour.I was just really grateful he was happier.” Many celebrities have come out on their own terms recently, such as Ellen Page, Ricky Martin, and Michael Sam. Sleater-Kinney was on the rise in 1996, and was the biggest national magazine to profile the group.Brownstein and her bandmate Corin Tucker were undoubtedly excited to be featured, but what landed in their hands after publication is not what they expected.During a long hiatus from Sleater-Kinney, she formed the group Wild Flag.During this period, Brownstein wrote and appeared in a series of comedy sketches with Fred Armisen which were then developed into Emmy and Peabody Award-winning satirical comedy TV series Portlandia.In the clip, Tucker and Brownstein answer questions about how to kindly reject someone, kissing for the first time, coming out, and having a crush on a friend.They even do a kissing demonstration fake out (don’t trust that Rookie subhead), because they’re life ruiners.Taylor Schilling, 31, and Carrie Brownstein, 41, managed to date each other more or less under the radar in the summer of 2015, but Taylor has now spoken out about her relationship status. “She loves everything about Carrie…It’s rare to find someone special in this business,” a source told the outlet about the couple. But I’ve also developed a certain resiliency; an optimism that matches the pessimism.” What a great outlook!One of the last times they were spotted together was at the 10th Annual Global Women’s Rights Awards in May 2015, and we’re so sad that they’ve since split!