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Ian Mc Shane’s character Mr Wednesday – actually the Norse Woden/Odin, although the series has yet to make this formally known – has a plan to take back control, and he wants an ex-con called Shadow (Ricky Whittle, once of the British teen soap “Hollyoaks”) to help.

This, it seems, involves driving very slowly through middle America, stopping off at a succession of motels and backwoods shacks so that Whittle can have visions, the directors can drop in flashbacks and flash-forwards, and everyone can wonder what on earth or in heaven is going on.

Photos can be posted on an Instagram-like "Moments" page, while "Look Around" identifies other We Chat users nearby. "We love to use all the social connections because different people want to connect with us in different ways," said Ben Wilson, marketing director for Reckitt Benckiser in China, talking about Durex's online-communication strategy.

"On We Chat, you can be a little more personal." One big reason for We Chat's stellar growth is that contact lists are linked to Tencent's QQ instant-messaging platform, which has more than 700 million active accounts.

It’s not like real life, where no one cares what you’ve eaten and loved ones ask how you are without ever expecting an actual update. But none of this makes Moments a remotely compelling feature of We Chat.

We Chat wants you – within specific apolitical limits – to express yourself. Moments are something you tend to look at because the alternative is less exciting than cutting your toenails – you’re in an elevator stopping at every floor, you’re in an off-brand coffee house trying to avoid eye contact with everyone except the barista, you’re teaching English.

We don’t know, we just added him on We Chat once, long ago.Fans of Gaiman’s book will be used to all this, and it’s hard not to admire the fearlessness with which Fuller and Green have kept to the novel’s madcap plotting and magpie interests.Written at the end of the last century, while the author was on a pre-millennium road trip of his own, “American Gods” reads at times like a sort of overflow valve for all the research Gaiman did on his long-running fantasy comic “The Sandman” between 19.Recently, I found myself carrying on conversations on We Chat with emojis late into the night because neither party wanted to be rude and end the conversation first. Then, I stared at the thing, in its bizarre muted state.It felt so strange not to have any bells or whistles that immediately demanded my attention.She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard Law School.Follow Kelly on Twitter: @kellyyanghk " data-title="Kelly Yang" data-html="true" data-template=" I recently made the bold and risky decision to turn off notifications of new messages on my phone in an effort to escape the relentless tentacles of We Chat and Whats App.Moments are where you discover some distant acquaintance’s fascinating urge to share what song played to their morning workout; follow the nascent start-up activities of a random bloke you met in a pub, whose name you can’t quite remember; or learn more about the quiet guy that left early without saying anything, but insisted on getting your contact (he has a family he enjoys photographing very much).Having a quick look at the contacts on a We Chat, and it’s a fair guess that the user has no idea who about 20-40 percent of them are.Friends living in mainland China report they wake up to We Chat and fall asleep to We Chat.Here in Hong Kong, it hasn’t got quite that bad yet, but every day we inch a little closer. ” I picked up my phone and turned off the notifications.