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Certainly, trial separations seem to have become a modus vivendi in the celebrity world.

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A few surfboards lean against a wall, along with a cue card from David Letterman, but none of the awards bequeathed them by their record label, magazines and global TV shows for their blockbuster album, Oracular Spectacular, seem to be in evidence.

In just 26 years she’s been on this earth, Lenny Kravitz’s daughter sure has made her way through a fair share of guys.Van Wyngarden, the heartthrob, barely manages a greeting.Ben Goldwasser, the rnerd, is in the middle of an argument with his girlfriend on his cellphone.This is their first day of practice for their new tour, and they're figuring out the best way to re-create their new album, Congratulations, with their five-man live outfit: guitarist James Richardson, bassist Matt Asti and drummer Will Berman.But it doesn't seem like they're having a lot of fun.An army of PR girls awaited arriving parties in town cars and showed them inside where it was like a event – all pretty pouty college girls in slutty high concept fashion (ex: black cotton half shirt with lace inlay parachute pants and a beret) and their dates, slightly older art-history-masters-degree types in trying-to-be-anonymous famous actor wear (dark blazer, expensive jeans, black ski cap).Most of the art had been removed from the walls but the expanded slinky that is the Guggenheim’s spiral exhibition space was packed from bottom to top with girls in towering heels leaning precariously over the not-really-high-enough edge, “electric feel” lemonade cocktails in hand, gazing down at the elaborately lit stage or up at the never ending array of sculpture suspended from the ceiling like a giant mobile for a disturbed baby. Most people were into the mini-Hitler or the pope being struck by a meteor but my favorites were the assorted yellow Labradors crouched down on little swing-like slivers of wood looking baffled and abandoned.DOWN A LONG ALLEY, PAST A ROW OF million-dollar Brooklyn brownstones, an elegant 19-century carriage house has been converted into a playpen for the guys from MGMT.On the first floor, there's a hastily renovated home studio, with the band's gear stacked in the front and a comfy recording studio in the back.In seventh grade, he received a Les Paul guitar and immediately started playing.That same year, he won a contest at Lausanne, playing "Under the Bridge" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.