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Updating garmin 205

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One last question, is ok for me to load multiple maps onto the SD card and then pick and choose which ones I want to use at different times or will it confuse the device if I have too many maps pre loaded onto the Sd card? The maps were excessively "jaggy" (like they were logged from a non-DGPS-capable system, or a drunk driver), many of the Irish-derived placenames out near home looked like a toddler was mashing the keyboard, and I seem to recall that some of the routes it was calculating were barmy and/or impossible.In short, yes, I could have fixed placenames, etc., over a short radius, but short of going out and driving the routes myself with an accurate GPS system it would have still looked like a drunken spider's web.We only sell the latest maps that are available (Garmin update these every 3 to 4 months) and a map card can be purchased from here Ireland & UK SD card If your sat-nav has a 'LM' designation, for example, the nuvi 2415LM or nuvi 2597LM then your device comes with free lifetime map updates.In this case you update the maps on your sat-nav using Garmin Express which you download from Garmin's website and install on your PC or Mac.Once downloaded and installed, the update process is relatively straightforward.You connect your sat-nav to your PC or Mac using the USB cable that came in the box.To update maps or download new maps is nearly 2/3 of what the unit its self cost in the first place. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on updated garmin maps free on the interweb? I downloaded the ireland map both with contours and witout contours to a 4GB Sandisk SDHD card.

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If you prefer your maps free, you can use open source maps from Open Street Map.If you have lost your USB cable you can get a replacement. Within Garmin Express, selecting 'Install All' under the 'Updates' tab is the safest option.The Garmin Forerunner series is a selection of sport watches produced by Garmin.The Forerunner 50 also came packaged with a USB stick that allowed training data to be transferred wirelessly to one's pc.This feature has since become a staple of Garmin's more full-featured sport watches.You would think that will included on the price, any future updates of the software. No joy though, didnt show anything different on the GPS. Do i need a particular type of SD card or similar for this to work or will the one I have do the trick? Other than that i dont where I am going wrong as I unzipped the files onto the card I have using winzip ang everything looked to download properly.As you said you only had it for a year, what do they expect for you to be buying maps every few month? All you need to do is place the OSM maps (converted to Garmin format) in a directory called /garmin on the card, select the map on the satnav, and you're good to gp. Would appreciate a few suggestions as to where I might be going wrong with this... I have had success with this particular map: you need to do is create a directory on the card called 'garmin' and unzip the above file into that directory. I havent taken it out in the car yet but from scrolling on the touch screen I can now see the M6 motorway which I never could on the old edition of the garmin map.Most models use the Global Positioning System (GPS), and are targeted at road runners and triathletes.Forerunner series watches are designed to accurately measure distance, speed, heart rate (optional), time, altitude, and pace, all of which can be important to athletes in training.And, like the more-expensive models, Garmin continually upgrades the 205W's software.Updating your Nuvi's operating system ensures you have the latest options and features.