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In 1995, Windows 95 became the first DOS/Windows release to feature NT technologies, in the form of the Win32 API, which programmers use to create 32-bit Windows programs.The version of Win32 in Windows 95 was actually a bit different than that used by NT, but it was a start. In no event shall the provider be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. This software is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty. This pack that can be downloaded from this site is only of use to those who already own Windows98 Second Edition. Any software in this pack is a copyrighted work of its respective owner(s).Using the default installation location for Windows 98 ( ), you can dual boot Windows 3.1 as well as MS-DOS as discussed earlier.

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Future NT releases, such as NT 4., closed the gap, and 2000 added a lot of important 9x features like Plug-and-Play support, hardware-accelerated Direct X support, and the like.

And later 9x releases, especially Windows Me, incorporated some reliability and stability technologies, though the inherent instability of the underlying platform undermined much of that work.

XP, however, is based on the stable and reliable 32-bit NT platform, which first debuted in 1993.

It is the technological successor to Windows 2000, not Windows 9x/Me. Well, Microsoft has been working for almost a decade at melding its consumer-oriented 9x line with NT.

Since Microsoft has already abandoned the Update Information Tool (introduced with Windows 95 Service Pack 1), I cannot use the same definition for what makes an update a system update as I did on my Windows 95 System Updates page. CPL VDHCP.386 XCOPY32. Here is how to get a copy of updates listed on the Microsoft Windows Update site: Go through the entire installation through Microsoft's page up to the point where the message is displayed stating that the computer needs to be rebooted for the changes to take effect.

In addition, none of the Windows 98 updates I have seen so far have the QFE Special Build signature that was used for several Windows 95 system updates. MOD NO VERSION INFO NO VERSION 19981218 OLE Automation Fix 477448 ASYCFILT. Do not click anything yet in the box with the aforementioned message, but open an Explorer window and look for a hidden directory called

Microsoft has never released a service pack for Windows98 SE. It contains all Windows98 SE updates from Windows Update site and more.

It is a self-extracting and self-installing pack like Microsoft's update files. However, the pack installs only required fixes for your system.