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(In Web Matrix, Intelli Sense can help you learn figure out the name, type, and order of the parameters.) As an alternative to passing values in order, you can use Named parameters are handy for a couple of situations, especially when a method takes many parameters.

One is when you want to pass only one or two parameters, but the values you want to pass are not among the first positions in the parameter list.

But it won't work, it don't occur any errors but the data key in wouldn't update into my database.

Someone please help me if anything wrong with my code? protected void Button1_Click(object sender, Event Args e) { Sql Connection con = new Sql Connection("Data Source=USER-PC; Initial Catalog=webservice_database; Integrated Security=True"); Sql Command cmd = new Sql Command("UPDATE registration SET username = @username, password = @password, retypepassword = @retypepassword, gender = @gender, birth = @birth, address = @address, city = @city, country = @country, postcode = @postcode, email = @email, carno = @carno", con); con.

However, the data-binding architecture does not support updates — that is, data binding is one-way in Web Forms pages. NET Connection Design Tools | Introduction to Data Command Objects in Visual Studio | Executing a Data Command That Returns a Result Set | Executing Updates or Database Commands using a Data Command | Setting and Getting Data Command Parameters | Concurrency Control in ADO.

Because a majority of Web applications involve reading data and not updating it, one-way data binding keeps the size and complexity of the page architecture to a minimum for the most common scenarios.

When you submit the changes, the code in the page updates the database and takes you back to the movie listing. While each grid row is being constructed, the operator in the previous tutorial; it's an ASP.

This part of the process works almost exactly like the page you created in the previous tutorial, so much of this tutorial will be familiar. NET operator that represents the current website root.) The result is that this part of the markup in the column simply produces something like the following markup at run time: will be different for each row. The three columns you originally had in the grid displayed only data values (title, genre, and year).

(For an example of this scenario, see Walkthrough: Using a Data Grid Web Control to Read and Write Data.) Alternatively, you can update the database directly, using SQL statements or stored procedures, which is what this walkthrough illustrates. In the page, you can select a record, edit it, and then save it to the database. As with fetching a single record, the update requires that you set some parameters and then execute a statement (in this case, an Update statement). When you are done, your page will look something like the following: The walkthrough will illustrate a number of concepts: To access the data, you will need a connection to the database you want to read from. However, because the Update statement does not return any records, the code for executing the statement is relatively simple. Because I found out in my page load I perform the read and get data from the database into the Text Box, after I command the read data at page load, my changes made can be update successfully.The Web Forms data-binding architecture allows you to bind control properties to a data source, making it easy to display data on the page. To enhance the Web Forms page you have created, you might want to explore some of the following ideas: Walkthrough: Creating Read-Only Data Access in a Web Forms Page | Introduction to ADO.Another situation is when you want to make your code more readable by passing the parameters in the order that makes the most sense to you.Master Data Services (MDS) is the SQL Server solution for master data management.the values were being updated with the exact same values. Is Post Back) solved the issue by allowing the call to update with new values entered into the textboxes/dropdownlists. I want to update my information that has key in by the user into my SQL Server database. Add With Value("@retypepassword", Text Box RPassword. If the hiddenfield is not set, this is a new entry.