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Updating bsd cvsup

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The most common question I’ve seen posted by end users is “how do I migrate? ” The answers which have been provided by both the developer and user community have been abysmal at best, mainly because nobody actually bothers to take the time to explain the complexities and nuances involved in the migration.

The official Free BSD documentation is overwhelming and doesn’t take into account some of these nuances (nor should it, IMO).

This also allows you to set various flags (if desired) for compiling/installing the app, giving you a lot of control over the installation process.

In order to use Ports, the first thing we have to do is update our Ports tree.

(default: read value from configuration file)-p portsdir : When extracting or updating an uncompressed snapshot, operate on the directory portsdir.

(default: /etc/portsnap.conf)-I : For the update command, update INDEX files, but not the rest of the ports tree.-k KEY : Expect a public key with given SHA256 hash.

Think of your Ports tree as a big group of directories containing information about different apps that can be installed on your Free BSD system.

You can browse that information and decide what apps you want to install, then tell the system to install them.

, run what’s shown on line 2, then continue onwards starting at line 5.

If you came from the previous section you will already be su'ed to root, but if not, "su" and when prompted enter your root password.

I can't run freebsd-update install in the jail since the files to be updated is located in the ro part of the system. "This parameter controls what parts of Free BSD will be kept up to date.

I'll look in to that in more detail later today.

ortsnap is a alternative system for securely distributing and updating the Free BSD ports tree, which is easier to use than CVSup. Like CVSup, Portsnap uses a pull model of updating: The packaged and signed ports trees are placed on a web server which waits passively for clients to request files by either run portsnap manually by users or set up a cron job to download updates automatically on a regular basis.

On older Free BSD systems, Portsnap is not automatically included, but it can be installed from sysutils/portsnap port by using command: Portsnap first fetch and update compresses snapshots of the Free BSD ports tree stored in /var/db/portsnap/ (in /usr/local/portsnap/ if Portsnap is installed from Free BSD Ports Collection) by default, and then only extract and update the uncompressed live ports tree at /usr/ports.

Ports is (in our opinion) the best system for installing software on any OS.

With Ports, you can look for a Free BSD application you want, go to its directory on your system, and with a simple command tell Free BSD to download and compile the source, and install the app for you.