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Any variation of “I’ll see you around in the canteen/library/lecture hall” in university dating just means “That was fun, but I have no intention of seeing you again”, or the more popular “He/she’s just not that into you“. Most students will be on a bit of a tight budget with 70% of that budget allocated to beer.

If you’re going to be “hanging out”, ladies, don’t be surprised if you’re subtly asked if you could split the bill. In five years’ time, you probably won’t remember the person’s name, so don’t let them take up your precious head space!

As far as the other person is concerned, you’re both still entitled to play the field a little.

Sorry babe, I’m sure you’re hot stuff and all, but don’t spend your time and effort stalking them in the canteen the next day.

"Unfortunately, because of the of recent tuition hikes, the college experience has become greatly unbalanced.” He added: “While some may argue that these women are just using men for their own personal gain, I believe that they are proactive in pursuing a higher education.” Although a survey conducted last year by the website found approximately 80 per cent of all relationships conducted through Seeking involve sex, Wade has rejected criticism that the nature of the site could be interpreted as a form of prostitution.

Speaking last year, he said “sugar babies” – young women using the website – were “intelligent and goal-oriented ladies, while sugar daddies are respectful gentlemen.” He wrote on his website: “Because the relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is romantic in nature, most sugar relationships will likely involve 'sex' ...

Seeking is frequented by male business executives on an average income of £170,000 per year.

Women who sign up can agree to exchange their time and affection for lavish dates, expensive shopping trips and, in some cases, regular cash allowances.

A British university has been celebrated for a Tinder-style app it created to help students find university courses.

The website – which specifically targets university students by offering a free premium membership to users with a university email address – also reported a 58 per cent increase in all university students enrolling in 2012.

The current academic year is the first in which undergraduates can be charged up to a maximum £9000 in annual tuition fees.

We are an agency creating opportunities for dating, friendship, romance, relationships and matchmaking. As one of the premier online internet web dating sites and introduction agencies for singles in the UK, you can depend on a personal service of the highest standard.

Members can create personal ads in the form of detailed profiles, including photographs.

"It may or may not find the love of your life, but will hopefully reduce the number of dates where you know within the first ten seconds that this is not going to work, and spend the evening waiting until it is polite to say thanks but no thanks." As well as boosting chances of finding romance, there is also a scientific side to ENTWINE.

State-of-the-art machine-learning techniques will be used to help us gain a better understanding of how we evaluate other potential partners and shed more light on the poorly-understood but universally-recognised Darwinian problem of who we choose to pair-up and continue the species with.

Initially only available to students from the University, the creators hope to roll it out the rest of the country very soon.

Based on cutting-edge psychological research, ENTWINE is an app designed instantly to predict intuitive attraction between people, before they have even met.

The platform has been created by Dr Roland Baddeley and Dr Felix Mercer Moss from the University’s School of Experimental Psychology and asks users to evaluate three different ‘selfies’ of their potential date.

Dr Baddeley said: "The key to a successful match is to be found not in explicit answers to specific questions about, for instance, likes and dislikes or a yes-no response to a photo, but in a combination of your explicit and implicit responses - measured by the way you swipe your finger on the screen." Dr Mercer Moss added: "Analysis of these three swipes, compared to other conventional online dating approaches, provides a richer and more predictive representation of how someone feels about another person.