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Taylor kitsch and minka kelly dating

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On the big screen, Gilford has appeared in a string of forgettable B-movies and that's about it. What's wrong with this world, when someone as lovable as Matt Saracen can't find decent work in Hollywood? Gaius Charles After two seasons of playing star running back Smash Williams, Charles went on to do a few episodes of another show about football, has been on forever! I was working as a nurse at the time and I remember my agent saying they had an audition for me for this Friday Night Lights, and I’d seen the movie, and I was like, ‘Why?

5.) Street & Saracen were roomies Even though they barely had any scenes together during the first season, actors Zach Gilford and Scott Porter were roommates off the set in Austin.

Taylor Kitsch, like his character Tim Riggins, was homeless for a while and would crash at a friend's house for a few weeks at a time before finding another place. During Coach Eric Taylor's famous speech at the state game halftime during the Season 1 finale, Kyle Chandler was extremely under the weather.

Gracie Belle Taylor was played by triplet sisters: Cailin, Madeline, and Jocelyn Landry.3.

When the EMTs come over to help him, executive producer Peter Berg told him to just say what he was feeling in that moment. Jesse Plemons (Landry) and Porter never had a scene together — with the exception of Jason once attending a Crucifictorious concert — despite being good friends in real life.7.

Riggins' nickname for Jason, "Six," wasn't written in the script.

That would be Minka Kelly, a beautiful 29-year-old actress.

Indeed, Kelly’s success has a bit of discovered-at-the-soda-fountain quality to it.

6.) Kyle Chandler is a trooper While the cast was filming the Season 1 finale, Kyle was sick to his stomach -- but he didn't let it affect him on set.

"I found you in the bathroom throwing up," writer-director David Hudgins said to Chandler during the panel.

While shooting a scene when she jumped out of a car, Louanne says Matt "grabbed my left breast and I know he was hoping that I would let it go and I almost did ...

but then I stood up and said 'Zach, what was that?! ' He turned so red."3.) Some habits are hard to break Connie Britton had the entire audience cracking up after she called out her TV husband for accidentally addressing Scott Porter by his character's name, "Jason," during the press conference.4.) Mae Whitman is a "FNL" superfan During the press conference, the "Arrested Development" and "Parenthood" star was the first one to ask a question from the audience.