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The popular name given to a collection of MS material belonging originally to an ancient religious community living near the Dead Sea. A Bedouin goatherd searching for lost animals entered one of the caves high in the marly cliffs of the Wadi Qumran, a m. They included a complete scroll of the prophecy of Isaiah (1QIs), a commentary on the Book of Habakkuk (1Qp Hab), and a document which Burrows styled the “Manual of Discipline” (1QS), because it contained the rules for community life at Qumran. It was published in 1956 under the title, A Genesis Apocryphon. The entire group was published in 1954 after Sukenik’s death by his son, Y. From 1952, serious attempts were made to locate and explore other caves in the rugged terrain near the Wadi Qumran, the result of which has been that eleven caves have been discovered in the vicinity and have yielded a varied assortment of MSS, fragments, pottery and the like. A textual loss of under five percent occurred in the process, and when tr.