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All those poor GOP candidates, ready to crush ISIS and make Putin cower with only steely gazes and bombastic rhetoric, had to draw the line somewhere. While donations from Comcast (and the individuals who run it) were basically split down the middle, feeding the gullets of Dems and Repubs alike, John Boehner led the way with 7,775. One interesting nugget buried in the weird news item is that thanks to a couple sentences a Disney lobbyist dropped in a pre-Iraq War spending bill, Disneyland and Disney World are both strict no fly zones. Speaking of Disney, remember a few weeks ago when we discussed Corporate People abusing the H-1B Visa program by using it as an outsourcing workaround whereby skilled American workers are training their foreign replacements? Disney is ALSO doing it, although think about how much they’ve given back with the American jobs at the shitty Epcot international restaurants. Rubio has consistently supported an increase in H-1B visas and the smug fella was Gotcha! “Well, first of all, if a company gets caught doing that, they should never be able to use the program again,” said Rubio.