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Long-term follow-up of fenestrated Amplatzer atrial septal occluder in pulmonary arterial hypertension. 2008 Jan;133(1):283-5 • Clinical trails in hematological malignancies • Molecular characterization and subgroup identification in large cohorts of acute leukemia • Analyses of bone marrow stroma compartment • Genome wide expression • Methylation and mutational studies • Implementation of molecular findings in clinical trails with novel targeted therapies Neumann M, Heesch S, Schlee C, Schwartz S, Gökbuget N, Hoelzer D, Konstandin NP, Ksienzyk B, Vosberg S, Graf A, Krebs S, Blum H, Raff T, Brüggemann M, Hofmann WK, Hecht J, Bohlander SK, Greif PA, Baldus CD. Bock J, Mochmann LH, Schlee C, Farhadi-Sartangi N, Göllner S, Müller-Tidow C, Baldus CD. Mochmann LH, Bock J, Ortiz-Tánchez J, Schlee C, Bohne A, Neumann K, Hofmann WK, Thiel E, Baldus CD. Baldus CD, Liyanarachchi S, Mrózek K, Auer H, Tanner SM, Guimond M, Ruppert AS, Mohamed N, Davuluri RV, Caligiuri MA, Bloomfield CD, de la Chapelle A. Scope: RNA-protein interactions in in host and pathogen during infection Techniques: m RNA interactome capture, UV crosslinking of (m)RNPs Translational Perspective: Understanding novel aspects of bacterial infection Beckmann BM, Hoch PG, Marz M, Willkomm DK, Salas M and Hartmann RK. We are primarily interested in cardiovascular diseases, but we can also provide resources for studies of pancreatic beta cells and kidney. My research could contribute to the development of anti-inlammatory and anti-tumor therapies aiming at the endothelium.