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He goes on a left-swiping streak, dismissing potential hens like Jacklyn, Jennifer and Natalie.
[only Kyle is left at the table, and Cartman remembers this and slowly turns to him] Well, looks like at least you've got some sense left in you, Kyle. You can't barge in here and tell me thuh, that I have to close down just because my wahter park has-a too much pee. [Kenny, who's facing away from the camera, doesn't say anything. I have to make myself seem useful to them or they will surely not let me live. Once they believe they can neutralize the enraging effects of the pee, they'll, they'll go in to look for survivors. Somebody will have to dive-a down into the pee, then stay there to turn the release-a wheel. [Stan, Butters and Jimmy all look at Kyle, who looks back at them] [grabs Kyle by the left wrist and pulls him away from his friends] Please-a you have to hurry! When-a you pee either in the toilet or in the shower it all goes to the sewer. [the balding researcher walks to him and gives him the banana. The fire marshal unzips his pants and starts peeing on Randy] Ugh.