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He`s been (INAUDIBLE) pretty stable (INAUDIBLE) I don`t think there`d be anything that would suggest that he would take off. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`ve been in this chat room less than five minutes. To get the latest, we go out to Jane Velez-Mitchell, investigative reporter, and author of "Secrets Can Be Murder." Jane, when the people here -- when our viewers hear the details of this, it`s going to make them sick! MICKEY SHERMAN, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: For a lot of money. And the reality is, he wasn`t trying or objectively chatting with a woman and her kids, he was chatting with a cop. BURNS: Well, there`s certainly an issue as to who came up with the idea in the first instance. And that information, of course, would be made part of the record down the road in this case, as it is in all of the cases we deal with of this type. GREEN: Well, he`s looking at probably a century, potentially, because of the charging. DONNA RICE HUGHES, INTERNET EXPERT: No, I wouldn`t have that information. I`d like to go to Jane Velez-Mitchell, investigative reporter and author of "Secrets Can Be Murder." And that`s appropriate for this particular show.We`ve already been asked, as a 14-year-old girl, to give our picture to somebody of 23 years old across the country. JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: Mike, this is such a graphic story, this affidavit is so incredibly X-rated, we have to dance around the facts or we could be in trouble with the FCC. They say that Drew Weidner, a 40-year- old guy, married man from Pennsylvania, went on line and he thought he was talking to the mother of an 11-year-old and a 14-year-old. Because I always fantasized about deflowering a virgin. He then goes on to said he have sex with the mother, oral sex and sexual intercourse while the girls watch, then they join in. (LAUGHTER) SHERMAN: Why can`t we ever get an easy cases in these studios? And the reality is, is that it may be defensible slightly, from that standpoint... If he did, then it`s not entrapment, but we don`t know enough about it. BROOKS: Now, what exactly is he charged with, and how many counts are there involved in this? He`s charged with criminal attempt to rape, which is a felony of the first degree in Pennsylvania, criminal attempt to aggravated indecent assault and a number of related charges. Could you tell me, if this guy is convicted, how much time will he get, if any? But the reality is, in Pennsylvania, like many states, there are sentencing guidelines that deal with prior record scores and the offense gravity score and come up with a range of sentencing. But I think what`s important, as I`ve been listening to the conversations, is to recognize that these kinds of predators are out there on a regular basis, interacting with real children, not undercover cops. It`s very easy to (INAUDIBLE) So Myspace is a dream come true for them. Jane, who are the victims here, the real victims, do you think? Now, in the e-mails, he says he has five children and this gorgeous stepdaughter.Certain types of HPV may cause warts on or around the female and male genital organs and in the anal area.These are called low-risk types of HPV because they are seldom linked to cancer. If you haven’t experienced it yet, there’s a good chance you eventually will.In this article we’ll explore how often cheating occurs, how to define cheating, signs of cheating, and how to deal with it.

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My symptoms are mild and go off and on, but nausea and coughing are most dominant.A risk factor is anything that changes your chance of getting a disease such as cancer. For example, exposing skin to strong sunlight is a risk factor for skin cancer. But having a risk factor, or even several, does not mean that you will get the disease.Several risk factors increase your chance of developing cervical cancer.I found it difficult to track down good cheating statistics.This seems to be partly because people have a hard time being completely honest, even when surveyed in ways that safeguard their anonymity.Women without any of these risk factors rarely develop cervical cancer.Although these risk factors increase the odds of developing cervical cancer, many women with these risks do not develop this disease.However, it is still important to know about risk factors that cannot be changed, because it's even more important for women who have these factors to get regular Pap tests to detect cervical cancer early.Cervical cancer risk factors include: Infection by the human papilloma virus (HPV) is the most important risk factor for cervical cancer. Some of them cause a type of growth called papillomas, which are more commonly known as warts. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Chat transcripts released by police reveal disturbing details in the case of Drew Weidner. MICHAEL GREEN, DELAWARE COUNTY, PA, DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Hi, Mike. GREEN: Well, this case illustrates a typical traveler (ph) case.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Fifteen-year-old Boy Scout Tony Beard was last seen leaving his home Sunday, headed to his Boy Scout meeting. Not only is he going to lose custody, but this guy is going to be lucky if he gets supervised visitation because it is unsafe to have his kids with him or any friends of his children with him, based upon the e-mails I read. The issue of entrapment is one that comes up often and was mentioned in the discussion this evening. (END VIDEO CLIP) BROOKS: I`m Mike Brooks, sitting in for Nancy Grace.