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Samsung is reported to have provided a patch to mobile network operators, who must push Android updates out themselves.

Mr Zuckerberg’s DIY privacy protection was spotted in a picture – first pointed out in a tweet by Chris Olson – that was intended to celebrate Instagram reaching 500 million monthly users.

Mark Zuckerberg knows a lot about getting to know people through their computers.

So a tiny piece of tape attached to his laptop might also be a terrifying warning.

But it has become far more scrutinised because of something else.

Both are presumably ways of keeping prying eyes out, covering up the two ways that a computer can get a sense of what is happening around it.

"You totally forget that the cameras are there."We have competitions and ask the crew, 'Who looks like the best at sex?

"Over Sight constantly monitors a system, alerting a user whenever the internal microphone is activated, or the built-in webcam is accessed," the Over Sight site reads.

There are usually protections in place that stop hackers from performing what is called a “man in the middle attack”, by encrypting communication with the server, as well as ones to stop any malicious code from getting too deep into the phone.

But Samsung has given its version of the software special permissions, which means that hackers can get through the protections in Android that stop third-party apps from tampering with other bits of the device.

Not only is it a useful tool, your handy old piece of tape isn't able to do much to protect your microphone.

It's a free tool for Macs that notifies you anytime someone has accessed the webcam or microphone on your computer.