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All rights to the particular thesis remain with the author.

2011 Mina Hejazi - Predicted Impact of a Domestic Livestock Disease Outbreak on Volume & Composition of U. Beef Exports Jessica Hansen - Profitability Analysis of Supplementing Beef Cows in Early to Mid-Gestation in a Drought Scenario Katrina Krutkramele - Young Consumers' Demand for Natural Sweeteners Natalie Macsalka - 2011 Trent Roberts - Costs and expected benefits to cattle producers of brucellosis management strategies in the greater Yellowstone area of Wyoming Darlington Sabasi - The Potential Impact of Captive Supplies on Spot Market Outcomes: Evidence from Laboratory Market Experiments Lane Gardiner - Economics of ram mating behavior Kendall Eisele - Economic comparison of feeding and weaning strategies in southeastern Wyoming beef production Kaytlyn Cooksey - MARKET IMPACTS OF EXOGENOUS SUPPLY AND DEMAND SHOCKS IN PRIVATE NEGOTIATION: A LABORATORY MARKET APPROACH Bryan Wilson - Regional economic impacts of bovine brucellosis under new federal regulations 2010 Mikol Hans Christensen - An economic analysis of the Jim Bridger power plant co mineralization process Xiaojia Yao - A dual economic analysis of multi-factor productivity and R&D lags in U. agriculture Mandy Kauffman - Effects of elk feedground closure on demand for elk hunting in northwest Wyoming Eric Cropper - Factors impacting land trusts' demand for conservation easements Yoshiyuki Igarashi - Optimal bonding system for land reclamation in oil and gas development Heath Van Eaton - US excess demand for selected plastic goods: 1994-2003 2009 Cheryl Higgins - Consumer preferences and characteristics regarding farmers' markets Milton Geiger - FEDERAL GREENHOUSE GAS REGULATION AND WYOMING’S ENERGY DERIVED TAX REVENUE Graham Mc Gaffin - Factors affecting conservation easement acceptance: An analysis across Colorado and Wyoming landowners Jeff Cole - Land use determinants in the Canadian prairies: Implications for waterfowl habitat 2008 Bryan Strauch - Profitability and business risk of fall versus spring calving in Wyoming John Thurow - The maverick firm in duopoly markets 2007 Padmaja Ponnamaneni - Economically sustainable cattle production practices during multiple years of drought and differing price cycles Ashley D. frozen beef to act as a buffer or substitute for fresh beef in the case of FMD outbreak in the US. S., theory suggests that our trade partners’ demand for fresh beef would decrease, but that demand for substitute products like frozen beef might increase.

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Skalsky - An economic analysis of mid-season nitrogen application methods on sugar beets and impacts of fuel prices on selected crops in the Big Horn Basin Gerald Telfort - Economic evaluation of shelterbelts on agricultural lands using agroforestry practices: A Montana case study 2005 Sully Taulealea - A feasibility study for developing a marketing center at the Navuso Agricultural School in Fiji Brian Lewton - An economic evaluation of Medicago rigidula in alternative crop rotations with winter wheat in southeastern Wyoming Mathew Fleming - An economic analysis of precision application of herbicide to control skeleton leaf bursage in winter wheat James Wasson - Hedonic pricing of Wyoming agricultural lands: Environmental amenities, productivity and sub-market regions Stephanie Hanson - THE IMPORTANCE OF AGRICULTURAL LENDERS IN WYOMING: 1972-2003 2004 Jennifer Scheer - Measurement of concentration due to shared agency and the potential price impacts of a dominant buyer in English auction Desiree Olson - Socio-economic analysis of Wyoming nonprofit board members 2003 Erika Mazza - An analysis of impediments to housing affordability: A case study of Laramie, Wyoming Sully Taulealea - Economics of variable rate (VR) vs. exports of poultry and their products fell approximately 15 percent because of an avian influenza outbreak. This suggests some econometric problems remain that must be addressed before reliable results can be obtained.

uniform rate (UR) fertilization with Wyoming sugar beet James Sedman - Economic analysis of harvest practices for alfalfa with substantial infestation of verticillium wilt Kaila Beth Wells - Using productivity and GIS data to evaluate the implicit contribution to the price of Wyoming land of environmental amenity and agricultural property attributes 2002 Amy Nagler - Institutions and agricultural cooperative organizations in Wyoming Dannele Peck - Opportunity costs of short-term water leasing in the Laramie Basin, Wyoming: Irrigation, instream flow, and wetland considerations Richard Rumsey - Inferred purchase of agriculture conservation easement compensation for agricultural landowners in Wyoming Amy Bittner - Preferences for agricultural land preservation in Moffat County, Colorado Lance Gittings - The effects of concentration on an experimental private negotiation with spot delivery market Frank Tenkorang - The impact of structural adjustment program on food availability in Ghana Tina Opp - Economics of variable rate application of soil fumigation for sugar beet nematode control 2001 Andrew Haig - Economics of incorporating Austrian winter peas with alternative dryland crop rotations in southeast Wyoming Santosh Nair - Custom versus owner harvesting of hay for beef cattle operation 2000 Barry Munsell - Decision cases in agriculture Kitri Falxa - Economics of multispecies grazing: Diversification using sheep and cattle Jonathan Gates - Market opportunities for the purchase of conservation easements in Sheridan County, Wyoming Allison Johnston - Private negotiation trading in forward, spot, and linked deliveries: An experimental economics approach 1999 Gary May - Economic comparison of beef cattle calving dates and winter feeding alternatives David Leishman - Revealed comparative advantage and the measurement of competitiveness for agricultural commodities: An empirical analysis of wool exporters 1998 James Jennings - Economics of integrating nematode-resistant radishes and lamb enterprises with sugarbeet rotations in northwest Wyoming Ruidong Yang - Determining the least cost method of obtaining machinery 1997 Juliet May - Measuring consumer surplus of Wyoming snowmobilers using the travel cost method Jody Woirhaye - Preferences and expectations for residency, economic trade-offs and land use controls: An analysis of Sublette County, Wyoming 1927 Frank Leroy Fleming - Marketing Honey ----- Mina Hejazi - Predicted Impact of a Domestic Livestock Disease Outbreak on Volume & Composition of U. Beef Exports Thesis Committee: ___(Chair) Abstract: International trade in livestock products has grown in recent decades. In this study, I explore the potential impacts of a hypothetical foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreak on world demand for U. Nonetheless, my results provide several useful insights that inform future efforts to address the research question using econometrics.

CA CALIFORNIA, ri rhode island, WI WISCONSIN, Pennsylvania, Virginia , WV WEST VIRGINIA wi wisconsin, ne nebraska, Kentucky , HI HAWAII, ky kentucky, wv west virginia KY KENTUCKY, la louisiana, Check Criminal Records - Find The DIRT if it's There! KOSTEL, AHLM, SABLIN, Varney, ZERCK, RUDZIK, DINGLASAN, SHOWS, ROULHAC, FIL, K.


We love how they are the exact right length of body to make great show barrows, yet they still have great extension and look up front! EN: 30-6 XB Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow Sire: Slug Dam's Ear Notch: 95-5 Sire of Dam: Honky Tonk Weight in lbs (as of ): 80 Description:: These 30's are absolute powerhouse barrow prospects!!!

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me maine, PA PENNSYLVANIA, il illinois, fl florida SD SOUTH DAKOTA, Oregon, in indiana Maine , Surf Anonymously On The Net - Leave No Trace! MIR, LANGLINAIS, CUMMINS, BALLREICH, KULESZA, FISHBECK, Yale University MCGIRT, Marley, Bob JENINGS, D.


The following web section the Department’s web page is our continuing experiment to bring to our interested public the results of some of our best students. For students that we have lost contact with one can access the documents through the Coe Library Pro Quest site for those that want a more detailed look at that research.

For past students that we have contact with and current students that have signed a release form, we will post a PDF copy of their thesis.