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Ex-Ranger had been available for donation as a museum/memorial since March 2004 but no organization was able to meet the Navy's minimum requirements for ship donation. Official US Navy Photograph, #USN-1030785, of an A4D-1 Skyhawk of VA-12 Squadron, the "Flying Ubangis" (also known as the "Kiss of Death" because of their insignia.) The aircraft, Bu No 142179, has just missed the wires while attempting to land aboard USS Ranger (CVA-61), during CARQUAL Operations near Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The "Kiss of Death" was established as VBF-4 on May 12, 1945; redesignated VF-2A on November 15, 1946; redesignated VF-12 on August 2, 1948; and redesignated VA-12 on August 1, 1955.
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Then, in many locations the posters there will be more polite to female posters and let them get away with more lapses in nettiquitte than male posters. (My guess on this is that women tend to be helpful to most anyone but us men tend to try harder to help women (and so impress them with our wittiness, charm and technical prowess) than we will to help other men (who we figure if they don't know what is going on they don't belong in our turf.)) Finally, there are a number of (mostly teenage) males on the Internet who are rather desperate to talk to anyone female and some men pretend to be women just to have some fun at their expense.

I'm sure there are some other reasons as well but none of them are anything I would be overly concerned about (except maybe the slight tendancy for cruelty displayed in my third case.) tanstaafl (male) ------------------ "Sometimes I think the web is just a big plot to keep people like me away from normal society." --- Dilberttanstaafl, that still doesn't explain the phenomenon of straight men going into cybersex chat rooms and pretending to be women, and cybering with another man. Heck I used to go into cybersex rooms for a while on IRC just for the hell of it, and no one ever believed I was female.

I'm not trying to be annoying, I really was curious if there's something to be worried about when someone does this stuff. A girl This is something that has also perplexed me.The 1960s in Romania were a perilous time for couples.Population growth had flatlined, prompting the government to impose a 20% income tax for childless couples and provisions that made divorce nearly impossible.There's almost nothing more important than fertility in determining a nation's future viability.Demographers suggest that a country needs a fertility rate of just over two children per woman to hit "replacement fertility" — the rate at which new births fill the space left behind by death. The problem got so bad that in 2007 Russia declared September 12 the official Day of Conception.To explore the relationship between hormones and communication decisions, she looked at what people talked about during PCTI as well as ‘one important variable [that] was likely influencing this whole process – orgasm.’ Both men and women experience a post-climax oxytocin surge but testosterone is believed to dampen the effects so that men typically fell less warm and fuzzy after sex.A polarised view of crystals of Oxytocin is pictured Professor Denes believes that oxytocin is the reason why, as women who climax have more of the hormone in their systems, which increases feelings of trust and connection, than women who did not, influencing individuals’ decisions to talk about their feelings to their partners.‘A woman could be pregnant.Internet sex addicts will spend increasing time online engaged in sexual activity.They will take increasingly greater risks as they progress in their addiction, and they will continue to engage in online sex, even when this pastime causes them real world harms.It features 24 hours of battery life and claims to be a 'mini-disco on the move'. In the age of smartphones and frictionless-dating apps, sex addiction is like being hooked on a drug that's always available in unlimited supply.