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Younger artsts are a new breed of cultural scavengers -- anything is fair game for appropriation or reinterpretation. Also presents the work of Robert Henri, George Bellows, Marcel Duchamp, Charles Demuth, Arthur Dove, Georgia O'Keeffe, Mabel Dodge Luhand, Marsden Hartley and Frank Lloyd Wright. Examines the mythic images of the 1920's and 30's as skyscrapers rise in New York and the rural heartland is idealized by Regionalists like Thomas Hart.

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I felt this awkward tension everywhere and started having anxiety. I go to a very good private school and my teachers expect me to do well, so they were perplexed when I stopped turning in assignments. Katie Cappiello and Meg Mc Inerny started The Arts Effect specifically to work with young girls about issues like these that affect them.

So before you have that semi-awkward DTR talk or confusing DFMO, check our all-inclusive guide to see whether your “guy friend” is boyfriend material, whether you should DTR or stay as friends, what you risk, and why a friends-turned-lovers relationship can sometimes be stronger than the typical campus romance.We’ve consulted the experts: Michael Lindstrom from the dating expert duo Ask Dan and Mike from and our own Real Live College Guy Sean Mc Farland, and we’ve asked collegiettes across the country about their experiences to know the signs that say he might just be that into you – and whether you should close the gap from “boy friend” to “boyfriend.” If there’s chemistry a-brewing between you two (and we’re not just talking about as study buddies in your chem 101 class), your circle of friends will be the first to see it.When you meet up at parties, your best friend is harping about how cute the two of you would look as a couple, and his friends are teasing him about how into each other you both seem to be.Jennifer*, a senior from Boston University, says that she started seeing her platonic guy friend Branden* as less of a best friend and more of a boyfriend when her friends asked her about their relationship. “But they all kept pressing me, ‘Why are you hiding it from us? What used to be high fives and quick “bro-esque” hugs turn gradually into intimate touches and tighter embraces.It’s obvious you’re hooking up.’ And it’s the truth – we weren’t! “His body language will speak for itself,” Lindstrom says. More gentlemanly.” Does he hold doors open for you?For high-school seniors like Skylar—who live in prosperous suburbs, have doting parents, attend good schools, and get excellent grades while studding their transcripts with extracurricular activities—the hardest part of the college application is often the personal essay.They’re typically asked to write about some life-changing experience, and, if their childhood has been blessedly free of drama, they may find themselves staring at a blank screen for a long time. Skylar is a boy, but he was born a girl, and lived as one until the age of fourteen. I walked into the cafeteria, and a senior who was sitting at a table of other senior guys yelled from across the room, "Hey, Winnie. I didn't understand why it was such a big deal to everyone else. But then I started hooking up with his friend Sean* — and really liked him. A friend texted one day, "Don't go on Facebook." I was supposed to be writing an essay for school, but instead went on Facebook and saw a photo of Sean standing in front of a chalkboard that said, "I hit it first." The caption was, "But did you? Sean never brought it up, which felt like a huge betrayal. He told me they did — but he never responded, which was hurtful. It was early on in our relationship, and an older boy said, "Don't even talk to this whore. It was the topic of conversation at school on Monday morning. I couldn't wrap my head around it, and I certainly couldn't write an essay after that. It sucked, because I knew that his girl friends would talk about me in front of him. "I want to hear you say that Monday morning," she replied, insinuating that at school it would be a totally different situation — and she was right. We continued to hang out every weekend, but still didn't say we were "together." I really liked him, but I think he was ashamed that I had a bad reputation.Or, the groups of older girls would blatantly ignore me when I showed up at parties. She said, "If you went into having sex feeling confident, there's no reason why you should change your perspective now." That really helped me — at least I had that understanding within myself: I wasn't ashamed of having sex with Dave, or Sean for that matter. I never had a chance to really break down how I was feeling about losing my virginity or being slut-shamed until we started to work on a play about slut culture.