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I’m sure that all of us can think of many, many ways we can get the word out about a bad date.

Ryan seacrest and simon cowell dating

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He said she had an awful lot of women going to her trailer.

What about James Spader, his wife was also very plain homely looking, not sure if he's still married to her, but I do remember being very shocked when I finally saw what his wife looked like.

"I thought we would just sit there, like I do during commercial breaks," she said.

"[On my show] there's dancing; there's all kinds of stuff.

They are clearly off now and the apparent animosity may have occurred due to Ryan refusing to either host or judge Simon's upcoming X-Factor show--the show being the only thing that gets it up for the aging Simon these days. But I'm sick of Simon being the main hypocritical homophobe, and Ryan getting the brunt of it all from everyone. I think he cares more about work that dating women (or men). I don't think he's gay in the sense that he enjoys sex with men, (what a disgusting mental image) but I don't believe for a second he has really had proper relationships with the women he's been linked with throughout the years, especially when they've all his girlfriends look like ladyboys.

for me to think he's risking being with men too much. I had heard that Ryan and Simon had been in a sexual relationship with each other off and on since close to the beginning of Idol's run.

"They built this great little bridge — it used to be like a moat between the stage and the judges' table.

But now there is this bridge, and sometimes it is hard to hear in there, so I approached ...

(a Chris/Blake-centered 80s high school AU), English teacher Ryan Seacrest and dean of discipline Simon Cowell try to help their students fight the system from the inside—and in the process change their own lives as well.

Radio Friendly is an AU set in 1962, when New York was the center of pop music and the Brill Building was where it all happened, when a group of talented songwriters and producers crafted perfect pop hits for artists whose every move was controlled by their label.

At the the very least to watch the competition and steal and "modify" more ideas from the Idol franchise. I would bet anything that Simon is trying his damndest to live a straight life right now. But then again, the Simon fanguuuuurl knows this but won't admit that their hero wasn't the be all and end all of the show. It's a fairly open secret that Louis Walsh is gay - the only person he doesn't know is his mother - but when there have been gay contestants on the show it's really not approved of, mainly because he doesn't think there'll be as much money to make, or because viewers won't vote for them.

There are some mediocre people, but this season is not only better than the last few Idol seasons, but it beats the absolute hell out of any X-factor season. I refuse to talk anymore to the idiot who thinks Idol's ratings are bad. But doing just fine and sometimes even better than last year. Different opinion here but I don't think Simon is Gay. Julianne is probably a front, but not because he's gay. He's such a vile and bitchy little queen though, I just maybe a non-sexual one. Also curious is Simon Cowell's reaction to other people being gay.