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Their hope is that the students, who volunteered for social projects and did fundraising to attend this year, will leave the event with inspiration and passion to make a difference and the tools to make this change a reality. has to be very proud of its sons and daughters because what they've achieved for those schools is truly remarkable," Craig Kielburger told Many this year will commit to Free the Children's We Schools in Action program, pledging to take one local and one global action within the school year. Kielburger, an Order of Canada winner, says when he founded Feed the Children at age 12 he was constantly told by his teachers he was too young and too naive to make a difference.If screaming at the top of your lungs could change in the world, the 18,000 students at the 2010 We Day in Vancouver Friday could collectively end global warming, AIDS and poverty, all in one shrieking go.The second annual youth event, held at Rogers Arena, drew some of the most influential and prominent social activists of our time, including former U. vice-president Al Gore, civil rights leader and politician Reverend Jesse Jackson and Golden Globe-winning actor and activist Martin Sheen.

The only takeaway is you feel dirty and overwhelmingly self-loathing. But, sadly, it works, and sites like VCB and VIA have some fucking Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

Their first project was the Cataclysm expansion for Relic Entertainment's Homeworld in 2000.

Next, they developed their first standalone game, the FPS Global Operations, released in 2002.

Rarely does a week go by when I don't think about Terry. I flew from Victoria to Edmonton the other day—with my 13-year-old daughter—to catch another live show of The Tragically Hip's Man Machine Poem tour. Canada has itself another "Marathon of Hope." The "Marathon of Hope" was the title given to Terry Fox's quest back in 1980. Of course, running on one leg across Canada is no easy feat. Gord Downie isn't quite running a marathon a day, but I feel like I'm that 9-year-old boy again watching another hero traverse across Canada. I'm flabbergasted that he's doing it in the first place. Through 30 years of performing, his stage presence is not only legendary, it's downright mythical. They have been in and out of my rotation over the years, but never far away.

Were it not for a recurrence of cancer, our national hero would have dipped his prosthetic leg into the Pacific Ocean at some point later that year and reached his goal. Terry passed away on June 28th, 1981, one month shy of his twenty-third birthday due to cancer. Performing a concert, to thousands, every other night across Canada for a month, cannot be easy. Rants, poetry and lyrical quips were always the norm. During "Grace, Too" on the first Vancouver night, there were a few seconds during the song when Downie's own heart melted. They have been in heavy rotation since the announcement of Downie's illness.

Here’s their news release to clue you in as to what they’re all about. CONNNNTENNNNT FOR MILLLLENNNNNIALLLLLS MADE BY INFLUUUUUENCCERRRRS.” Apologies if my French is a little rusty, but essentially they’re going to try to build a large audience of morons with the attention span of fruit flies using the most dogshit techniques possible.

If you’re not familiar, Narcity is a Montreal-based outlet with a site in Toronto as well.

Shit-winds are a comin’.” The shit-winds foretold by Jim Lahey have indeed arrived in the trailer park that is your Facebook feed.

If Narcity can do the same, with their especially lazy, assembly line-like approach to churning out the internet’s answer to fast food, I’m sure they’ll be able to start selling their coveted audience of mouth breathers to advertisers via branded content aka native content aka advertorials aka more dogshit.

I’m not going to bother linking to any of it because you know the deal with this dreck. One click on Facebook, scroll a bit, then close the tab.

It reads: “Une équipe de deux influenceurs composée d’un rédacteur en chef/gestionnaire de contenu et d’un rédacteur installés à Vancouver produiront du contenu axé sur ce qui se passe dans la ville et destiné aux milléniaux.” And translated to English: “CONNNNNNTENNNNNNNNT. Think a dumbed down version of Vancity Buzz or Vancouver is Awesome—which, remarkably, Narcity proves is possible.