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Introduction In this article I am going to provide a solution for the problem where the Asp.

Net Ajax Control Toolkit’s Re Order List control won’t work in IE 11 Browser.

(https://github.com/swanandp/acts_as_list/pull/244) and compatibility with not-null and uniqueness constraints on the database (https://github.com/swanandp/acts_as_list/pull/246).

These additions shouldn't break compatibility with existing implementations.

I've added some troubleshooting code to count async postbacks inside the update panel and it's definitely posting back. I changed it from that to just "int" and it's working now.

NET AJAX control that implements a bulleted data-bound list with items that can be reordered interactively.

To reorder items in the list, a user simply drags the item's control bar to its new location.

Problem Description: In IE11 browser Ajax Control Toolkit Re Order List’s changing the order of items (Re Order) won’t work properly.

You don’t get any error however when you try to drag there won’t be any changes to Re Order List.

For those curious about the result, here is a little demonstration: user name: machta password: 123456 The changes are saved after you leave the page (or after you reload it).

I have tried a demo version and in my browser so it's not a browser problem.

Adding something like the below to your migration will set the default position.

Change the parameters to order if you want a different initial ordering.

Preference Asc;" Delete Command="DELETE FROM tbl Job Bids WHERE tbl Job Bids.

He found out some sort of a solution, but it does not work for me.