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In addition to a marked absence of blood type B and the Rh-negative blood type among Native Americans, several other characteristics of their blood types set them apart from the Mongoloid peoples, with whom they were sometimes classed in the past.The Indians lived in different ways in various parts of the country.The exact whereabouts of all these is a matter of doubt. All of them were found in Egypt and exported by Cairo dealer Hannah, who offered them in Switzerland in 1983 for the staggering figure of m, and in 1984 imported them to the USA. Here is what is known about the mss in summary at the moment: 4 gnostic texts written in the Sahidic dialect of Coptic: - the ps."Gospel of Judas" - the "First Apocalypse of James" - the "Epistle of Peter to Philip" - "Allogenes" (fragmentary) Includes 1 cover. When seen by Stephen Emmel in 1983, it had both covers, so possibly more exists. I have simplified the formatting of material from Michel van Rijn's site, which contains so much information that it can be hard to find the material solely on this find.They then sat in a bank vault in New York until 1989, when James M. We have counts of leaves from this stage of the deal. entrusted them to US dealer/philanthopist Bruce Ferrini. See Matthew Hamilton's and Ernest Muro's notes below, and the summary of the article from VT. Hebrews (colophons for all these) and Galatians -- in Sahidic dialect. We all owe him a substantial debt of gratitude for publicising this material.According to the welcome page of this archive, the talk.origins newsgroup is intended for debate about "biological and physical origins", and the archive exists to provide "mainstream scientific responses to the many frequently asked questions (FAQs) that appear in the talk.origins newsgroup".Many current FAQs deal with questions about biological and geological origins here on Earth.

Before beginning the examination of the evidence surrounding current cosmology, it is important to understand what Big Bang Theory (BBT) is and is not.This sale failed; they were then bought in 1999 by Swiss dealer Frieda Nussberger-Tchacos. Ferrini broke up the manuscripts and sold bits individually. Bruce Ferrini seems to have turned it into single pieces of papyrus which he sold ad-hoc. His focus is on the art black-market, so I have omitted material unlikely to be of interest to manuscript enthusiasts. (News pages here) (Note that google do not display Michel's site in their results! The article is a preliminary report written by Herbert Krosney, Marvin Meyer, and Gregor Wurst about the status of the OHIO fragments of the Gospel of Judas. While two of the texts are already known from the Nag Hammadi find, the new manuscripts should help to fill gaps in the text.In the first part of the article, Krosney explains the court battle over the OHIO fragments and their photographs which were analyzed by Gregor Wurst who recognized that they contained the balance of the Gospel of Judas, allowing us to read 90-95% of it.According to Krosney's account, the fragments have made their way to Egypt in April 2010 and are under the care of Dr.This process is often called "cosmic evolution" or "cosmological evolution"; while the terms are used by those both inside and outside the astronomical community, it is important to bear in mind that BBT is completely independent of biological evolution.Over the last several decades the basic picture of cosmology given by BBT has been generally accepted by astronomers, physicists and the wider scientific community.The National Union - 8 seats, UTJ and NRP - five each.Meretz dropped dramatically to 5 seats, while Shas received a surprisingly large 13 seats.From: yair davidiy Date: Wed Jan 29, 2003 am Subject: Jerusalem News-181 Jerusalem News-181 Contents: 1. According to Israel Television's exit poll, the Likud has won 36 seats in the 16th Knesset - more than any of the recent polls forecasted for it. Arutz-7: TV Poll results (not final) Arutz Sheva Israel National TV Polls: Likud Doubles Labor; Right-Wing Bloc: 70 Seats!