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Radio active dating v2 0 0

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/* *** Disclaimer * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.Please do some research * if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM/KERNEL * before flashing it!

Chemistry and the SDGs: Chemistry's contribution is essential to meeting most, if not all, of the SDGs.

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A group of IOCD scientists has published a paper in Nature Chemistry discussing the pivotal contributions that chemistry can make to help realize the SDGs and emphasising that to do so chemistry must undergo major changes in its priorities, approaches and practices. Atta-ur-Rahman won the International Scientific Corporation Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for building scientific collaborations between China and Pakistan, receiving the highest national award of China for foreigners, the “Friendship Award of China” in September 2014.

IOCD has a long tradition of being associated with leading scientists, including its two successive Presidents, the Nobel Laureates Glenn Seaborg and Jean-Marie Lehn and current and former members of IOCD's Senior Advisory Council including the Nobel Laureates Norman Borlaug, Sune Bergstrom, Roald Hoffmann and Ryoji Noyori. He is a member of IOCD's Senior Advisory Council and the most decorated scientist in Pakistan, having been credited with reviving the higher education and research practices in the country.

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19 2016-07-31 V2.1.7 Sync with 2016/07/31 cm13 source 2016-08-02 V2.1.8 Sync with 2016/08/02 cm13 source 2016-08-04 V2.1.9 Sync with 2016/08/04 cm13 source Update to android version r61 Update to august security patch 2016-08-10 V2.2.1 Sync with 2016/08/10 cm13 source Sync with latest Radioactive kernel V2.22 Added 2 new governors and sync with cm13 kernel source Changed default governor to Dynamic interactive 2016-08-10 V2.2.2 Included firmware files into rom's zip Updated device tree and vendor files,thanks to @Orden Krieger who made all the hard work 2016-08-15 V2.2.3 (REMOVED DUE TO MAJOR BUGS) Sync with 2016/08/15 cm13 source 2016-08-16 V2.2.4 Sync with 2016/08/16 cm13 source 2016-08-19 V2.2.5 Sync with 2016/08/19 cm13 source Sync with latest Radioactive kernel V2.23 2016-08-21 V2.2.6 Sync with 2016/08/21 cm13 source 2016-08-26 V2.3.1 Sync with 2016/08/26 cm13 source New nuclear kernel more stockish Changelog can be viewed in settings/about phone A lot of optimizations added on compilation showed in settings Fixed Facebook issue 2016-09-02 V2.3.2 Sync with 2016/09/02 cm13 source Back to Radioactive kernel 2016-09-06 V2.3.3 Sync with 2016/09/06 cm13 source Sync with latest Radioactive kernel V2.28 2016-09-08 V2.3.4 Updated to Android r66 Updated to September security patch Synced wit 2016/09/08 cm13 source Fixed charge when power off 2016-09-14 V2.3.5 Synced with 2016/09/14 cm13 source Fixed dt2s on lockscreen sometimes not working Fixed clock color in status bar Added ota section in settings if the app is present Sync with latest Radioactive kernel V2.29 2016-09-25 V2.3.8 Synced with 2016/09/25 cm13 source Sync with latest Radioactive kernel V2.30 2016-09-30 V2.3.9 Synced with 2016/09/30 cm13 source Sync with latest Radioactive kernel V2.31 2016-11-18 V3.0.0-Final version for marshmallow branch Synced with 2016/11/18 cm13 source see github for detailed information Sync with latest Radioactive Reborn kernel V3.4 Thanks for this awesome ROM Can you update your synapse settings you posted here for the Nuclea Rom?

Thanks i advance and keep up with your awesome releases Hi, i have a problem, sometimes it loses the signal from both SIM cards.