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He married pop singer Katy Perry in 2010 but they divorced two years later citing irreconcilable differences.

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To find out what actions the Mayor and Commissioners are considering, feel free to browse through the agenda and supporting documents online.Both the City of Kingfisher and the Kingfisher Chamber of Commerce hope that our website provides the quality of information that you need.Together these remnants may help explain an enduring mystery about the peopling of the Americas: If Native Americans are descendants of Asian trailblazers who migrated into the Americas toward the end of the last ice age, why don’t they look like their ancient ancestors?By all appearances, the earliest Americans were a rough bunch.The first face of the first Americans belongs to an unlucky teenage girl who fell to her death in a Yucatán cave some 12,000 to 13,000 years ago. The story of her discovery begins in 2007, when a team of Mexican divers led by Alberto Nava made a startling find: an immense submerged cavern they named Hoyo Negro, the “black hole.” At the bottom of the abyss their lights revealed a bed of prehistoric bones, including at least one nearly complete human skeleton.Nava reported the discovery to Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History, which brought together an international team of archaeologists and other researchers to investigate the cave and its contents.The skeleton—affectionately dubbed Naia, after the water nymphs of Greek mythology—turned out to be one of the oldest ever found in the Americas, and the earliest one intact enough to provide a foundation for a facial reconstruction.Geneticists were even able to extract a sample of DNA.

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24/7; 209 West Cermak Road; 312-842-1964Detroit They up the meat-and-pita game here by wrapping in cabbage and french fries and slathering on garlic paste.His impact as an artist is far deeper and greater than his one prescient observation that “everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” His omnivorous curiosity resulted in an enormous body of work that spanned every available medium and most importantly contributed to the collapse of boundaries between high and low culture.A skilled (analog) social networker, Warhol parlayed his fame, one connection at a time, to the status of a globally recognized brand.Instead it appears that these men fought among themselves—often and violently.The women don’t have these kinds of injuries, but they’re much smaller than the men, with signs of malnourishment and domestic abuse. Cut the heat with a Loganberry, a raspberry-blackberry drink sold only in these parts. But South Street defies the city's abstemious ways, serving up-to-the-brim plates of breakfast staples and burgers. 24/7; 178 Kneeland Street; 617-350-0028; New Haven, Connecticut Louis Lassen may well have invented the hamburger, and his great-grandson still slings them from the same counter for the benefit of Yale's drunken, hungry male population. Thursday through Saturday; 261 — 263 Crown Street; 203-562-5507; louislunch.com—Elizabeth Gunnison New York City Little-known secret: Korea-town is always the most fun neighborhood of any city. Skylines of OB beer bottles and glasses of soju (cold Korean vodka) cover the tables. They're drinking it because their stamped-leather-belted asses have been parked on those barstools since about this morning and there's no punk kid gonna kick them off until someone plays Hank Williams on the jukebox. Get the Buffito instead, an alchemy of Buffalo chicken, blue cheese, and burrito fixings. Just ask anyone trying to find an open restaurant after last call.More than twenty years after his death, Andy Warhol remains one of the most influential figures in contemporary art and culture.Warhol’s life and work inspires creative thinkers worldwide thanks to his enduring imagery, his artfully cultivated celebrity, and the ongoing research of dedicated scholars.This balance is reflected in our active agricultural activity as well as cutting edge technology maintained by Pioneer Telecommunications, with corporate headquarters based in downtown Kingfisher.If the pictures above caught your attention, or the attraction of a small town community where neighbors and friends are one in the same, please check out the Kingfisher Living section for the best of our Quality of Life features available in Kingfisher.