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The Community is here for people on the autism spectrum, their carers and relatives, professionals working around autism and other interested people to share their thoughts and experiences.

Post op transvestite dating

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That includes but is not limited to appearance, age, gender preference, personal habits, education and political views.

It led me to purchase online and experiment with Estrogen and an Anti-Androgen. I dieted and exercised feverishly and got my body down to an acceptable female weight. I remarried again in my early forties to a wonderful woman.

Yet, the programming in my mind was so scrambled by then that it was difficult to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

By the time I started seeing a gender therapist and a surgeon they were as convinced as I was that I was female.

Any surgical procedure, especially one of that nature, is obviously going to be personal.

I really can't say how I'd react until in that situation, so that's really hard for me to say.

By 10 or 13 years old; the gender confusion had begun. I was frequenting the gay neighborhoods by 16; assuming this emptiness and sexual craving was a signal of who I was.

But, it wasn’t gratifying; and always left me disgusted. Buy, purge, buy, purge this repetitive cycle of self hatred continued unabated.

post-op shemale site, I naturally became more interested in getting more information about post-op tgirls, since it’s not very often that you see them on Internet.

My searches brought me to one popular forum (not mine) where a guy who obviously knew his subject was writing about Post-op pussy is much more shallow than a real pussy. 3) It is nearly impossible to douple penetrate a post op ladyboy with 2 real cocks.

This keeps their post-op pussy from closing up while it heals. Of all the trannies out there, post-ops are KNOWN as being totally insane. I’ve met a few of these girls and they are a mess, both mentally and physically.

If they don’t use this correctly, they close up or partially close up, making for a fucked up pussy. Some say, however, they still have the ability to get off by having their prostrate massaged.