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Is Post Back is always true when the Init for the Details View is called.

Phpbb3 version not updating acp

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Then deleted those files and uploaded the 3.0.2-3.0.4 package. This package was much larger in filesize, and took longer to push online.

And when it was all through, I navigated to the install page only to find the following message highlighted in red: Can you spot the redundancy in the statement above?

[PHPBB3-9348] - Correctly encode default_dateformat when converting from php BB2 [PHPBB3-9575] - The word "administrate" is not correct.

A basic overview of running php BB3 can be found in the accompanying README file.

Please ensure you read that document in addition to this!

[PHPBB3-9630] - Naming inconsistency of Merging Posts / Topics in MCP [PHPBB3-9675] - Add option to delete template/theme/imageset when deleting style.

[PHPBB3-9685] - Unable to create "Fulltext native" search index using the mssqlnative DBAL [PHPBB3-9751] - Password requirement "Must contain letters and numbers" is not working properly [PHPBB3-9764] - Empty value for CONFIG_TABLE config_name= 'mime_triggers' causes functions_fileupload.php-check_content() to be too restrictive [PHPBB3-9851] - "Search new posts" should require login [PHPBB3-9872] - Total topics isn't correct after I deleted a user [PHPBB3-9874] - view_log() performs unneeded count query over all log entries.

I have a forum which is running on php5.6 but our host is going to stop hosting any servers running on php5.6 and is upgrading everything to php7.

So we need to update our php BB Forum to php7 without ...

Thanks to my last all-consuming project, three updates were released while I was busy.

So my version was 3.0.1 while the latest version is 3.0.4.

Please read this document completely before proceeding with installation, updating or converting.

This document will walk you through the basics on installing, updating and converting the forum software.