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By Kevin Reed, 14 October 2016 After scores of reports in the US alone, including a forced evacuation of an airliner, the company finally responded.
"We are currently finalising our report and will then give Yahoo an opportunity to review and respond to the report." Ms Dixon said that it is up to Yahoo whether or not it wants to make the report public.

Php script for updating contacts

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A simple but secure PHP contact/email form with image validation (Captcha) for spam protection.

A contact form is one of the basic requirements of a website. Using image validation (Captcha) eliminates (upto 99%) automated form submissions and form hijacking.

Before we go further, I want to qualify the process and subsequent script which supports it.

This article, and the script is designed towards the intermediate to advanced Power Shell admin.

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In this part I will enter into the final aspect of this data displaying, selecting one piece of data and stopping errors from happening when you output data.Important: If you are ordering an installation for the Captcha version, please make sure the minimum requirements are met on your server (PHP - 5.0 or greater/GD and Freetype support).Get a customized version for your website (upto 5 extra fields) for only .Firstly, they would need to be placed into order based on the id field (as the one with the latest ID would have been added last. Now you have them in order of newest to oldest but this does not restrict the script to only showing the first 5.To do this, you would need to set your loop to run to 5 instead of $num (as this would only run the loop 5 times so only 5 records would be output).Right now, it’s almost 7AM here and I need to sleep after working all night!β€” Stephan Edwards, If you server does not support Sessions or GD/Freetype, you can use the non-captcha version which uses a random simple question (question/answer set can be easily modified) to check spam. Get the form installed on your website for only .You could edit the form in dreamweaver, HTML-Kit, iweb or any other HTML editor of your choice. As we mentioned above, you can edit the style of this to match your websites design.File Name: (you can change the filename to anything you like) The PHP code below is very basic - it will capture the form fields specified in the HTML form above (first_name, last_name, email, telephone and comments).As I expalined before, this will set the value of $num as the number of rows in the result (and it was used in a loop in part 4).Because of this you can make a simple error trap using an IF statement: Not only can you output data based on the contents of a field, but you can also order the output based on a field (for example placing users in alphabetical order).