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Pepsi one expiration dating

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I Like To Suggest That When Ordering DIET Drinks....

To Order LESS MORE OFTEN, & Be Sure To Put Your Old Stuff That You Have On Hand, On Top Of Your New Delivery. We Will Respond Promptly or give us a call at 818-834-3298.

It does not matter which store I buy from, the awful taste is the same. All bottles look same (size diff) finally noticed 16 oz., 200 calories, 16.9 oz., 210 calories and 20 oz., 250 calories. I get the calorie difference due to size of bottle but what's up with horrible taste? One of my favorite stores tells me that Pepsi Max is no longer available!!! My store has a Pepsi sale going on now, I actually had to choose something I don't want. Then, on Pepsi's site I see that someone complained about it being too sweet. I'm asking Pepsi Co to please continue making Pepsi Max.

To me, the taste is a mixture of Seven-Up with something else, but no one likes it. This is the third time in a month and this bad taste continues.

The only exception is Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, this BIB uses the Encore connector and Encore Tap valve. There is also a 3rd valve out there, however, this bag is rare to find. As a soda drinker myself, I go through a 1 gallon box (with only me drinking it) every 4-5 weeks. This time will be shorter if you have a whole family drinking it.

So why don't Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi taste like Coke and Pepsi? So why don't Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi taste like Coke and Pepsi?

This taste reminds me of when Coke changed their flavor. That's only difference but why does smaller one taste so horrible? I have just opened a bottle of Pepsi Max and quite frankly it tastes disgusting and I was wondering if someone tampered with it!! I had that same problem with other diet drinks, that's when I found Pepsi Max. I know other people, friends and acquaintances who feel the same way. If anyone is a lover of Pepsi Twist/Diet Pepsi Twist you can order Pepsi Twist from Amazon. If you are a Pepsi Twist lover, please email Pepsi and/or call their Consumer Relations number.

I have noticed the same end taste, just like Coke had. It tasted really nasty and that's putting it mildly!! If this is how it tastes then I certainly will NOT be buying any more of it! I was a Tab drinker for over 20 years then switched to Diet Pepsi Twist.

I mean most of the posters on this board,like you and me, look for date/codes on the boxes and bottle/cans. Common folks grab fridge packs off the shelf and as well grab a can from the fridge without looking for dates/code. LOL [ , AM: Message edited by: Mr Zabe ]Great point.

I say because of the common (average) drinker of soda pop does not seem to care, then the information on the cartons and bottles/cans needs to be sort of "dummyfied". Once the soda pop (the big players tend to merchandise the stores, free labor) smaller brands/ store brands can sit in a warm/hot area of the store's back storage area for weeks and or months.

Sure the fresh date shows a few months from the current date but the product is all but ruined.

Diet products spoil from heat about as fast as a fresh teenage pimple grows on a greasy face.

Think of the pancake syrup you have in your pantry, how old is it?

When Ordering Diet Products, PLEASE Keep In Mind That Diet Drinks Have A Short Shelf Life.

:(And not only should expiration dates be required, they should NOT be in code. I want to know when I should have the product consumed BY, not when it was made....

I see your point Greg but in general the average soda pop consumer is not as savvy as us.