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Not only does she have a wicked sense of humor, but the photos of the Trainwreck star dancing on Billy Joel's piano with BFF Jennifer Lawrence also prove that she likes to cut loose. Ryan Reynolds is the mature heartthrob you need in your life.

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She posed for Playboy in September 1973, and played a sexy biker chick in the 1974 disaster epic Earthquake with Charlton Heston and Richard Roundtree. She left Dallas after nine years, at about the time the show jumped the shark (co-star Duffy had just returned from the dead, revealing that the previous season had all been a dream).

On the long-running prime time soap opera Dallas, she played Pamela Barnes Ewing, the wife of Patrick Duffy's Bobby Ewing, and sister-in-law of that scheming bastard, J. After Dallas, she wrote several books on fitness and nutrition, and has marketed her own skin care products, ventures which have reportedly earned her millions more than her acting has.

The actor: Veteran TV actor Patrick Duffy says he’s basically “only had three jobs” over the course of his career, but all three made major imprints in the annals of TV history: He was the Man From Atlantis in the ’70s, and the dad in a ’90s update of The Brady Bunch, Step By Step.

But the role he will forever be tied to is to that of Bobby, the youngest son of the Ewing oil clan in Dallas. Duffy stayed with the show for 13 years (despite a one-year break from the series, which resulted in one of the most famous storyline re-starts ever filmed), with a TV cast so tight that he still refers to the actors that played his parents (Barbara Bel Geddes and Jim Davis) as “Mama” and “Daddy.”Duffy, along with Larry “J.

In 1970, she was beaten up by then-boyfriend Max Baer, Jr., who remembered the incident 35 years later by saying, "She deserved it.Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan Gender: Female Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor, Model Nationality: United States Executive summary: Pamela Barnes Ewing on Dallas Victoria Principal was raised in a military family, which necessitated frequent moves, and grew up in London, Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, and Georgia.She started appearing in TV commercials at the age of 5.After studying at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, she worked as a model while looking for acting work.She won the Miss Miami beauty pageant in 1969, and made her film debut as Paul Newman's Mexican mistress in The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.Actors are always thrown in the mix with other actors in the beginning of any series so when they cast Larry Hagman -- who played the quirky astronaut Captain Tony Nelson on "I Dream of Jeannie" -- in the role of the bad-ass J. Yeah, you don't know that and I really wasn't a learned historian of television at that time.I certainly knew about "I Dream of Jeannie," but I was basically trained as a theatrical Shakespearean type of actor; ended up playing an underwater superhero, so I was game for anything. I had met Linda one time before we sat down and read the pilot of "Dallas." I had not met any other of the actors, so we all entered that relationship completely open to everybody.In a 1993 interview with TV Guide, Principal said, "I know there have been rumors that I didn't have children because of my vanity.I didn't have children because I can't have children. It is a loss." Some insiders whisper that her break-up with Bee Gee Andy Gibb precipitated his spiraling drug abuse, depression, and eventual suicide.She has even said that she was not that impressed with me.She was doing some business in her kitchen at night when that little one-liner that I had on Switch aired. They were not impressed with me, so they decided to do a screen test. They made an artificial body for me because I needed to gain weight and muscle! Then I had about two months plus to work out, gain weight, then get ready for the show. AVC: You seem like you’re underwater for a really long time on that show. There were no computer-generated special effects in 1977 when I did that show.