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I found my one and i hope he's with me fore.". It's a Thursday night; you had to stay in because of your 8am work shift (fuck you, right?

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Advancing technology is aimed at helping busy people accomplish more in a quicker amount of time.When companies lay off employees they expect existing employees to pick up the additional workload.First, I must confess that this article is a walk in the park because I am a hard-core workaholic.So, the perspective you are getting is from someone that works 15 hours per day (and would work more if they could).As a result many people find themselves becoming workaholics, a condition that is prominent in Japan and growing in the United States.Clinical studies have shown that people who are workaholics have less time to interact with others and as a result, their social lives suffer.

Make dating a priority and consciously make time for a date so they know they’re important. Hanging out with the same set of people day in and day out does nothing for your social life.If you figure out that most of your friends are connected with work, then you really need to shake things up a bit. For sure, they will have friends that you do not know. I’m not saying that you should jump at date invites immediately, but the idea is to simply open up more doors to meet new people.And, even if you have friends outside of the office, you still can benefit from broadening your circle. With online dating sites, you can get to meet individuals who you might not meet otherwise. Yet you also cannot discount the fact that you want to have human interaction in the form of dating that’s why you’re reading this article right now.If you’re chained to your desk, you probably need some help with dating because you’re probably scaring those dates away.Plus a million other reasons why work is always more important.So you’re a workaholic, and you’ve just realized that you need a dating life. The sad reality is that a lot of individuals find themselves buried in their work today, and at the same time, they end up realizing that they do have a need for companionship.While in theory, it is easy enough to dump work and go paint the town red every once in a while, it is a different story when put into practice.In many ways this is great, but when it comes to romance it is a sure recipe for how to turn yourself into a very lonely person.Have you ever wondered why you haven’t met the right person yet?When I say friends, I mean those that you can actually talk to about personal things without needing alcohol in your system.The next question is this: how many of these friends are from the office? While not everyone is into these sites, they’re perfect for people who do not have much free time on their hands (like you presumably).