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Norwegians as young as 6 can now legally change their gender using an online form—without a doctor’s approval, counseling, or surgery.

The law, adopted with a 79-13 vote by the Norwegian parliament in June, makes Norway the fifth country in the world to pass a similar law, and the second behind Malta to include children.

For these recruits, unisex rooms were such a commonplace that the researchers needed to encourage their interviewees in order to make them talk about them.

"To them there was nothing strange about the unisex rooms.

In the last half of the 20th century, Norway, like many other countries in the world, underwent a roots revival that saw indigenous music being revived.

Before 1840, there were limited written sources of folk music in Norway.

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Before their arrival at the camp, some of the girls had thought along the same lines; for instance the girl who had prepared herself by purchasing large sized underwear.

Eurosurveillance remains in the updated list of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

It was first added to the DOAJ on 9 September 2004.

But instead of finding an increased focus on gender and sexuality, the researchers concluded that the unisex rooms had a "degenderizing" effect.

Lilleaas and Ellingsen have studied recruits in the military service who are stationed in Northern Norway.

Citation style for this article: Blystad H, Nilsen O, Berglund T, Blaxhult A, Aavitsland P, Giesecke J. The number of syphilis cases among MSM has steadily increased in both countries over the last four years resulting in the first outbreaks of syphilis in these countries since the early 1980s (1, 2).

Syphilis outbreak in Norway and Sweden among men who have sex with men 1998-2002. Similar outbreaks have been reported from major cities in United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and France (3), as well as from major US cities.

(125,097 sq mi) excluding Svalbard and Jan-Mayen), but even so its music and its musical life are as complex as those of most other countries.

Much has been learned about early music in Norway from physical artifacts found during archaeological digs. Viking and medieval sagas also describe musical activity, as do the accounts of priests and pilgrims from all over Europe coming to visit St Olaf's grave in Trondheim.

While the process in Malta requires a parent to seek court approval for the gender change, children in Norway apply for the change using the same process and paperwork as adults.

While transgender activists celebrated the new law, experts warn treating gender dysphoria so lightly could multiply harm for children who most likely will shed feelings of confusion as they become adults.