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Russia ultimately granted him right of asylum for one year, and repeated extensions have permitted him to stay at least until 2020.He reportedly lives in an undisclosed location in Moscow, and continues to seek asylum elsewhere in the world.Get off the main highway and away from the commercial strip and go poking around, and you'll find a place that is rural and beautiful and thrice-blessed by nature.The real Sequim/Port Angeles is as far away from being the Oxnard of the Olympic Peninsula as it is far away from Oxnard.

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Drew is wrong about Sequim, but if you're driving west along the main highway from Sequim to Port Angeles, it's true there are a lot of used car lots and billboards and Wal-Marts and Cost Cos along the road, and a little too much of that commercial, plastic, white-folks-live-around-here element that makes the dingier American cities so dingy.

My heart felt embedded in his, and I still loved him deeply.

So we started fresh again—this time with an extreme distance between us.

Alternatively, you can prime a service to destroy everything as soon as it checks into the internet.

Some devices, such as i OS hardware, come with tracking and remote wiping capabilities preinstalled; you only need to activate the service.

At this point in time, our differences seemed to be too wide to merge them into a happy, long-lasting life together. After one year—when I had already returned to my home country—he approached me again, explaining how wrong he was, and asking for a second chance.

I didn’t know what this implied, but my heart was saying wholeheartedly as I was confident the differences weren’t stronger than our love.

The more you use your laptop, smartphone or tablet, the more you have to lose.

The loss of a machine you rely on for work is taken care of by your insurance, but consider the fact that your email is now in the hands of a stranger – as is your internet history, which probably contains details of where you shop and bank.

“Distance means so little when someone means so much.” ~Unknown People tend to think long-distance relationships are one of the hardest possible ways of loving someone.

I live in one: As a young European, I am deeply in love with my African boyfriend who pursues his career in Asia. After dating for a few months and sharing a wonderful time in an Asian country, we split up, as he had many doubts about things that seemed to separate us.