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If you like the podcasts you'll love our newsletter. We both also welcome your feedback and program ideas at: "[email protected]" or via voicemail at 1 (210) 362-4400. After millennia of assumptive coexistence, the idea of masculine/feminine polarity is under fire.

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In A Poetry Handbook, Mary Oliver stresses the importance of understanding and practicing metered verse for modern students and writers of poetry.

To lack a deep understanding of metrical forms, she says, is “to be without [a] felt sensitivity to a poem as a structure of lines and rhythmic energy and repetitive sound.” How can we utilize this theory when developing short form nonfiction?

The legs were tiny, made even smaller by the death of infected muscle.

“I couldn’t stop thinking that these were Amani’s legs, a minute ago,” Ashley says to me, voice monotone and face dry, a week after she has returned from Iraq.

Are you coming into the house of narrative through the back door because the back door is where the money is? We are doing them a disservice by choosing an inferior genre?

And then she reviews three recent memoirs, seeming to find goodness in all of them, but bemoaning the fact that they aren’t , and thus can’t achieve what they might have been achieved had they been rendered in the literary form she most prefers: (Jill Bialosky’s half-sister) Kim haunts the book like a sweet ghost—one that is perhaps begging to rest at last in a novel, where such inner lives can indeed be recreated or at least imagined with specificity: ironically, the genre of the novel, with its subtle characterizations and rich and continuous dreamscape, remains a kind of gold standard for a genre that may be usurping it. Bialosky’s sister Kim is “haunting” a memoir about her death, “perhaps begging to rest at last in a novel,” because novels are the gold standard?

The black cloud of burning limbs enveloped the barracks if the wind blew just right, and dark gray silt snuck into the rooms, coating windowsills with human dust.

One way is to simply apply a word-count constraint.

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The following is a partial and in-progress list of all the people for whose help and support have made the difference in my life. If you aren't on the list yet and think you should be, please note that I came up with this idea early one morning and put up the first draft without any coffee. Darlene & Tom Biondolillo Lauren Trembath-Neuberger Rebecca Estee Corrie Monson Erica Witbeck Warren Ruedy Brianne Biondolillo Emma Lou & Donald Dodd George & Roxanne Dodd David Dodd Kate Moseley Ericka Schenck Ginger Brice Carolyn Raffensperger Chris Taylor Gail Folkins Dennis Covington Dee Wallace Andrew Boginski Cheyenne Sawyer John Casey TC Gritt Jeff Lutchswager Wendy Passafume Pam & Deedee Rachel Fontenot Andy Fitch Frieda Knobloch Jeff Lockwood Bob Beck Casey Lane Carol Gibson Beth Loffreda Brad Watson Danielle Pafunda Ginger Ko Silas Hansen Staci Schoenfeld Oliver Bendorf Harry Whitlock Rachel Keiserman Fred Osuna Art Snoke Elizabeth Dodd Samuel Hovda James Siegfried Pattie, Martha, Susan, Michaelene, Barb, and all of the other MLC teachers Anne Falcone Ander Monson Lara Dua-Schwartz Ben Slater Amy Stewart Melissa Martinez Pat La Borde Jill Talbot Sarah Einstein Tupper, Amanda, Gardner, and all my other OSPIRG bosses Jack Portland Diane Kornberg Betsy Lindsay Jeanne Bangs Mrs.

These folks have watered my plants, taught my class, helped me move, answered my questions, supported my writing, fed me, housed me, listened to me talk long and tearfully about my doubts and fears (or long and manically about my progress and successes).

“They were dead, I could see the gray flesh, I knew they had to be sawed off, but a minute ago, they belonged to her, and they were legs.

And then, I was holding nothing—just hunks of charred meat ready to be burnt up. I still dream about the sound of that saw, the sound of the bone. She begins again: “After Amani’s surgery, when I went back to my barracks, my window was covered with ash.

Creative Nonfiction sponsors a rolling Twitter contest—microprose in 130 characters (plus hashtag), and . There are certainly style and tone constraints that one could follow (write a Montaigne-esque idyll, or recount a family dinner in David Sedaris’ style).

Yet these still seem to speak more to content than form.

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