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Jlabel not updating

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Now, I've tried to swing Visible() and swing Image.revalidate() to try to force it to reload.

I'm guessing it's my temp Image = new JLabel that's the root cause.

What I am trying to do is change the text in a jlabel in the java netbeans JFrame form but it doesn't update the text.

(I am changing the directions shown for a compass) For example this is what I am trying to do: public Compass() private void init Components() { j Label2 = new javax.swing.

That will make for a very peculiar look'n'feel. You seem to create a new label but you haven't shown us anywhere that you use that label.

Java GUI lag during window resizing on laptop I was messing around with a Java application I developed on my latop and noticed something interesting.

Hi I am very new to netbeans and I would like to ask help from you guys. Each panel has one button and one jlabel on it - all added to the main panel.Not sure if anyone can give any input to what might be causing this -- an is there a way to rewrite/manupilate my code so that it does not happen? Visiting a web page containing a maliciously crafted untrusted Java applet may lead to arbitrary code execution with the privileges of the current user. No Class Def Found Error: /home/axel/workspace/Party Planner/bin/partyplanner/PP2" Can anybody give a hint ??These issues are addressed by updating to Java version 1.6.0_33. run java class (by java 3D) file to display 3D graphics) 2) The contents must be displayed in a java GUI container (i.e, JPanel or any other container) I searched the Internet and noticed I might use Runtime().exec(), Tips/2003/tt0304This approach can surely satisfy requirement 1), but I am thinking that the requirement 2) is very hard to satisfy. Thanks in advance, Axel On 25-6-2005 , Axel Burwitz wrote: Axel Try the following commandline java -classpath /home/axel/workspace/Party Planner/bin partyplanner.I have a new Desktop Application named Desktop Application1 (this is my main program) and a JFrame named New JFrame that I created by right click What David says is correct, but it still won't fix the problem. I have an actionlistener on each j Button so that when pressed it updates the jlabel on its (same) panel. Hi, I have an array of JPanels, each Jpanel is created in a separate class which extends JPanel, and then added to the main j Panel: j Panel Array[i] = new create JPanel(); j Panel Main.add(j Panel Array[i]); In create JPanel() a j Label and j Buttons are added with an actionlistener on the button.You should never call sleep(), or perform any other time-consuming operation, in an event handler. My question is, how do I access and update the j Label component on each j Panel in the ..problem could be anything - you would need to post a working sample program that demonstrates the problem, so we can see exactly how you have it put together.I'm trying to make my first real project: A calculator, but when I press the "clear" button (the only button i've done so far) the JLabel doesn't go from two to zero, any help would be really appreciated :) code: well ..I'm not sure what you want that 'Events' to do but .. If so, can you point me to an article which explains this thoroughly or ...Gui has a panel at the bottom called status Bar which has a label on it called status. Hi I want to update a jlabel when the jframe is runnig for example: I have a server gui and there is label called online and its counter the users online I know how to update it only if I press a button but what I want to do is to update it always when the jframe is running I hope ...Hello, Is there a way to update a JLabel continually until the predefined minutes runs down to zero? I have got as far as generating two random numbers (ie two dice) and giving the user the option of selecting which amount they want to move by. My program has a class called Gui which extends JFrame. Create the button to roll the dice JButton roll Button = new JButton("New Roll"); roll Font(new Font("Sansserif", Font. Hello hi...i have a problem and i hope someone in this forums will help me to solve my problem...before i explain in more detail about my problem i will give some briefing about my project and how i suddenly face the problem....i have created a simple mp3 to wav converter, and during my program convert a file, it should show to ... Hi, I have one form from which I am dynamically creating arrays of j Panels, j Buttons & JLabels (number of which unknown until runtime).