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The responding officer approached Poe, who was in an ice cream store at the time, pretending to use the telephone. On January 15, 1993, according to Poe's criminal history record, Page 804 he was charged with one count of open and gross lewdness, but the charge was dismissed nine months later. Ball's opinion that Poe was "at high risk to reoffend," even though she did not testify at the hearing, because Dr.
The date marked the first day that all of Illinois' 102 counties could begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Inundating in a sentence

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Further deadly sewage floods are feared after a wave of stinking waste and mud from a collapsed septic pool inundated a Gaza village.

[verb] to fill quickly beyond capacity with excessive amount of something, Their village will be inundated when the nearby Xayaburi dam is completed. The color of blood inundates each corner of the world. He points out that he was inundated by calls from government officials.

Definition of Inundate overwhelm with things or people Use Inundate in a sentence My boss is the type of person who likes to inundate others with projects.

As a teacher, you can expect to have a room full of students who will inundate you with questions.

Entire cities in Gujarat state have been inundated by surging rivers, with roads and railway lines paralyzed.

Whenever he went on the radio, we would get inundated with phone calls.

Prior Statements - In Pennsylvania, extrinsic evidence of a prior inconsistent statement can be admitted only if the examiner has first given the witness the opportunity to explain or deny the prior statement, whereas in federal court the witness must be given the opportunity to deny it, but not necessarily extrinsic evidence is admitted.• Rule 705. Evidence of Character - Pennsylvania permits character for truthfulness to be shown only by reputation evidence, whereas federal court admits opinion testimony on the subject.• Rule 613. Methods of Proving Character - Pennsylvania does not permit proof of character by opinion testimony, whereas federal court does.• Rule 608.Continuing development in areas likely to be inundated is foolhardy at best.The people need shelter, food and water purification because the land has been inundated by salty water from the storm surge.The history of Hamburg begins with its foundation in the 9th century as a mission settlement to convert the Saxons.Since the Middle Ages Hamburg was an important trading center in Europe.The convenient location of the port and its independence as a city and state for centuries strengthened this position.The city was member in the medieval Hanseatic trading league and a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire. E.) employ the same numbering system and are quite similar in content as well, there remain at least five substantive differences between the two bodies of evidence law.To make the discussion below most meaningful, each issue will be raised in a practical context and then the differences between the two sets of rules will be discussed. IMPEACHMENT BY PRIOR CONVICTION - Rule 609 Practical Context --- The plaintiff has filed a civil suit and is now on the witness stand.