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A common rule of thumb when it comes to dating is that it’s OK to be interested in someone who is half your age, plus seven years.
We also serve orthodox, adventist, Catholic singles and other Christian singles groups.

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Every ethnic group in Africa has developed a complex and distinctive set of religious beliefs and practices.

Despite their seemingly unrelated aspects, there are common features to these systems, suggesting that African traditional faiths form a cohesive religious tradition. Their traditional religions, however, are perhaps the least understood facet of African life.

And when I say intimacy, I don't just mean sex.You even checked the foundation outside before you went in—it looked fine.Then down in the basement, you notice the foundation is cracking and crumbling. It would be a big risk unless you were willing to spend a great deal of time and money fixing the foundation, because you can see the previous owner didn’t correct the problem. Jesus Himself spoke of the dangers of a house built on an unstable foundation (Matthew -27).Fear of intimacy is the main reason people do not open up emotionally with another person.I define intimacy as feeling safe with another person when you expose who you are to them."The choice of spouse is one of the most significant you'll make in your life; it is more serious than choosing a house or anything," says Brian Baker, a psychiatrist at the University of Toronto."There is nothing like a good, solid marriage." Baker should know: He has spent the past decade conducting studies that look at the effect of marital strain on cardiovascular health.There are many reasons to choose wisely and carefully when picking a spouse, but here's one you may not know: New research suggests that a good marriage is good for your health -- and that a bad one can be a real heartbreaker.There are many good reasons to choose wisely and carefully when picking a spouse -- not the least of which is that you'll be spending an awful lot of time with them in both the near and distant future, possibly even raising children together."In a good marriage the opposite was the case." An earlier study found that couples in good marriages had thinner heart walls than those in bad marriages.A thicker heart wall means higher blood pressure, "so that is an interesting finding," says Baker.