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A users guide for FLEXPART is available which explains the model output.

If you are interested in contributing functionality for other FLEXPART versions, please contact me.

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Your data is spread in multiple places at any given time, and if you try to move Inno DB files around, you I think it's perfectly fine to move binary files around when mysql service is turned off - I find cold backups very usefull for taking snapshots.

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Which make it difficult to just restore 1 database and not all clients who have Inno DB.

My ISAM create multiple .frm, MYD and MYI file for each table which make it easier to restore.

Use this Delphi code to define this structure (ISC_QUAD) and the pointer to this structure (PISC_QUAD): type ISC_QUAD = record isc_quad_high : Integer ; // Date isc_quad_low : Cardinal ; // Time end; PISC_QUAD = ^ISC_QUAD; To protect the return value, declare a thread-safe ISC_QUAD variable outside of the function definition that will hold the return value (if the return value is a date).

threadvar tempquad : ISC_QUAD; Then, write your function so that the result points to the threaded variable.

Problem: Using a UDF that takes date values as parameters or returns date values may result in a Protection Exception or erroneous results if the DLL does not take special precautions to protect the date values.

Solution: Each date value is stored in two 32-bit integers: a signed integer for the date, and a unsigned integer for the time.

How can we make in sort that restore is more easy on Inno DB.

Do I have to make a DUMP file or there's other solution ?