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Just last week, the smitten couple sparked rumors of an imminent engagement after billionaire boyfriend Harry was spotted checking out diamond rings at a Cartier store.

You’ve probably heard some variation on the old expression, “Every relationship fails until one doesn’t.” Charming, no?

Whether or not you realize it, you’ve probably adhered to this notion at some point in your dating life.“Gyllenhaal wooed [Miller] with home-cooked meals and within weeks, the model was head over heels, says an insider. ” “They want to enjoy being newlyweds for as long as they can” “He’s a free man” “Update the Harvard alumni magazine! First she has done everything in her power to make it nearly impossible for Ashton Kutcher to divorce her, proving that she can hold a grudge much longer than any of her relationships will ever last.At a TIFF after-party, the “tequila-loving Aniston sent someone to the bar all evening to bring back her new signature on-the-rocks cocktail — water.” Maybe she was just thirsty! “Painted in her 2005 divorce as a woman too career-obsessed to have a baby with Pitt, Aniston was left reeling with hurt.” GEE I WONDER WHO GAVE HER THAT REPUTATION, TABLOID MAGAZINE. Zooey Deschanel: “If somebody made the mistake and asked for an autograph, I could sign Katy Perry’s name. I don’t want to disappoint anyone.” Daniel Radcliffe: “It’s not that I feel awkward, it’s that I look awkward.” Ray Romano: “When you’re middle-aged …“Aniston may have mastered all the tricks of Operation Bump Cover-up, but she is incapable of hiding her excitement. you can’t do anything movie.” Kristen Wiig & Fabrizio Moretti Rekindling Their Romance?If you’ve caught yourself saying, “Yeah, my last relationship was a hot mess,” or “I wasted so much time on something that was never going to work out,” you’re absolutely mirroring back the idea that because you and your partner broke up, the relationship was unsuccessful.This notion has got me thinking about a particularly beloved Hollywood darling, who also can’t seem to escape the stigma of failed relationships: Jennifer Aniston. Harry Morton had his hands full in Maui over Labor Day Weekend, giving paparazzi a good show with girlfriend Lindsay Lohan.Harry, 25, and Lindsay, 20, were spotted embracing and laughing together and well, got a little too frisky in public…), Gerard Butler, Harry Morton, and as of quite recently, Justin Theroux.Each time she parts ways with the next actor-model-hunk, there seems to be a collective sigh on behalf of America’s Sweetheart.