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Back at the office we have made some changes too, improving on security and customer support.

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Do you think he should see more of me by now if he really likes me?I know this contradicts what your friends and family have advised but you haven’t known him very long.

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But I also think some of us have an entirely different problem where we date someone who is equally ambitious and busy.

It is still early days and it would be more concerning if he dropped everything to spend all his time with someone he’s only recently met.

If the situation were reversed, how might you feel if a boyfriend you’d known just a few weeks asked you to stop seeing your friends so much and to cut back on your work, studies and hobbies in order to spend more time with them?

Everything about this person screams “workaholic.”It may seem like dating a workaholic would be a frustrating, overwhelming, hair-pulling experience, and it can be. However, dating a workaholic – someone who will not invest as much time in your relationship as you want – can actually be healthy for you.

Here’s why: Your workaholic significant other will be so focused on his or her work that the spirit of healthy competition will challenge you to better your professional life as well.

Because — let’s be honest — we have always been in a relationship with ‘our work’.

And when you come along, you may have turned our world upside down that we cannot let you go.

He goes to college, has a part time job and plays sport - so he doesn’t have a lot of spare time.

We meet up once or twice a week and talk on the phone every day.

Before he met you he had his own hobbies, interests, friends, work and studies.

Those things are always going to be important to him.