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Expiration dating of multidose vials wight dating

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A: Multi-dose vials have been and continue to be a confusion for healthcare personnel (HCP) because they either are not fully aware of or do not follow basic infection control practices as they pertain to vials.

The term multidose seems to be confusing because it is seen by some HCP as being able to be used more than once.

The individual allergist who componds vaccines in the office is not under these guidelines but under the recommendtions of the Joint Task Force who is responsible for our Allergy Parameters.

We have dealt with this issue on several occasions previously on our website.

Always use a clean needle and syringe with each use of a multi-dose vial. Always check vials for the manufacturer’s expiration date, if before the revised date (sooner than 28 days), then the sooner date is to be used.

The only exceptions are vaccines, for which the CDC allows the use of the manufacturer’s expiration date.

Thank you again for your inquiry and we hope this response is helpful to you.

Previous inquiry submitted to Ask the Expert: Expiration of allergy extracts Question: We are expecting a Joint Commission survey sometime later this year.

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In conversations with other physicians under these guidelines they have increased the frequency of injections to advance the dose.

As a hospital-based Clinic, we were told that we are subject to the sterility requirements of USP 797, including the use of a laminar flow hood and PPE, which we comply with.

We are excluded from some aspects of 797, such as the 28-day multidose vial restriction.

A: When we wrote our position paper, our communication indicated that staff were to follow their own hospital policy.

4/23/2015 Currently we are mixing our own vaccines for allergen immunotherapy.

USP is a private entity that develops guidelines for compounding of medications.

The Code of Pharmacy has endorsed the USP recommendations and preparation of vaccines is under pharmacy supervision in hospitals.

Prior to discarding it though, contact your Iinfection Preventionist, as they may want the vial to culture it for microorganisms.

It would be helpful to have one evidence-based recommendation for discarding used multi-dose vials that healthcare personnel and surveyors can both utilize.

While this is true, there are basic infection control practices that are not followed and/or corners that are cut that put the vial at risk for viral or bacterial contamination.

A: Most would agree that you should limit use of multidose vials whenever possible.