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Eve online character portrait not updating

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Until then, our avatars are limited to tiny posed passport photos.

Understandably, players have requested the ability to re-take these character photos or change things about their appearance.

The list of things we will be able to change includes hair styles, make-up options, clothing, lighting and posing in the final passport photo.

Players will also be pleased to learn that new tattoo, piercing and scar features will be added to the recustomisation screen.

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This month's economic report also includes a bonus graph, charting the top mining ships for the month, along with comparisons to their use in April 2016. Today we will be providing some more detail about the Starbase and outpost transition plans that we announced last week at Fanfest here in Reykjavik.

This blog will cover details of the next couple steps in the long-term plan of phasing out Starbases, as well as the big transition event for upgrading all of New Eden’s outposts and conquerable stations.

Starbase Industry and Resource Processing Structures In Fanfest 2015, when CCP unveiled the high level plan for what w...

So now that we have made the UI clearer we will give all characters who have already completed character customization a chance to recustomize.

This will be a one-time recustomization to be used during the grace period.

The lack of small details like these was one of the biggest complaints players had with the new character creator, and it's good to know CCP is taking steps to resolve that.

Players can recustomise their characters as many times as they want, and the system will not cost anything to use.

I do not store any of the character portraits that are loaded via this page.

With the changes to PLEX now deployed and the market now stable, today we’d like to tell you about another small improvement we’re going to be making on May 23rd, this time relating to Skill Trading.

Read full post Greetings Capsuleers During the EVE Keynote at Fanfest 2017 (you can watch it here), we announced the results of the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) 12 elections.

These were the results: Innominate Noob Man Jin'taan The Judge Aryth Steve Ronuken Vince Draken Rhiload Feron-drake Suitonia Yukiko Kami For those not familiar with the CSM, they are a player-elected representative body for the players to CCP.