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There is a cool, laid-back vibe that the local well-to-do (dressed, for the most part, effortlessly smart casual) clearly lap up, as the place was packed when we arrived.We were ushered to a very comfortable cushioned booth; its shell-like shape invited us to sit next to each other, which felt more informal than sitting across.Named after the famous cacti that will open up your doors of perception, Peyote is an upscale London Mexican joint with a twist.

If there is any theme to the roles I play, it is emotional vulnerability and availability.Like all of us he was getting a bit older and perhaps a bit slower, but it never struck me that there was any problem in his life.’Mr Hollingsworth, who was once married to former TV-am presenter Anne Diamond, said: ‘He carried it with him.I always thought he unfairly carried the can for a large part of that.Kelly Osbourne has had it with so-called "fake lesbians" in Hollywood who she believes only date women to keep their names in the headlines.The actress and TV host sounded off in a new interview with Pride Source, in which she called out young female celebrities who claim to be gay, but then call it "a phase" a short time later.Kristen Stewart came out publicly as being "so gay" in her monologue in February, and stars including Bella Thorne, Evan Rachel Wood, and Amber Heard have discussed being bisexual. But when it comes to her own sexual preference, Kelly doesn't want to label herself. You might assume this is London, or Brooklyn or Berlin or the outskirts of Lisbon, but it's not.We’re in Liverpool, an always slightly separate-feeling city in the far corner of Britain’s post-industrial north, and cult producer Joshua Leary, aka Evian Christ, is culpable for all this madness. In a city where exciting music supposedly struggles to find an audience under the weight of a thousand bachelor and bachelorette parties every weekend, it feels subtly progressive that a room full of people are losing their minds to a breakbeat hardcore remix of “Where Are Ü Now.” It’s a long way from Justin Bieber’s original version, but that doesn’t matter one bit.To be honest, it never appeared to be his fault.’‘He brought a touch of sanity to things which could easily have got out of control – the Noel Edmonds show was a particular example.He was particularly good at keeping his feet on the ground,’ he said.