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This Valentines day the fun stuff was off the menu, no heart shaped chocolates or flowing champagne for me (due to this fertility diet, not because my husband has given up).
At the time the 28-year-old was dating actor Hill Harper, and Drake stopped by because his DJ was working the event.

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Six hours after filming the first half of his film, the mysterious …

Continue reading Title: Billion Dollar Harem pt 6 Author: Mal Celebs: Taylor Swift, Chloe Moretz Codes: MFF, MMMMMF, MDom, Rape, Oral, Anal, Viol, Drugs, Inter, WS Summary: Chloe and Alex try desperately to convince Taylor that sex in the harem can be …

Kimberly Mc Cullough returns as Robin on October 27th Ingo Rademacher returns as Jasper Jacks for Fall Sweeps RUMORS!

On Wednesday, look for the equally impressive honorable mention list of actresses that appeared on multiple panelist's list.

NAME: Susan Flannery RANK: 1 SOAP ROLES: Stephanie Forrester, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (1987-present); Leslie Stewart, DALLAS (1981); Laura Horton, DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1966-1975) NAME: Kim Zimmer RANK: 2 SOAP ROLES: Reva Shayne, GUIDING LIGHT (1983-1990, 1995-2009); Joan, MODELS INC (1994-1995); Jodie De Witt Walker, SANTA BARBARA (1992-1993); Echo Di Savoy, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1983); Nola Dancy Aldrich, THE DOCTORS (1979-1982); Bonnie Harmon, ONE LIVE TO LIVE (1978) NAME: Erika Slezak RANK: 3 SOAP ROLES: Victoria Lord, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1971-present) NAME: Beverlee Mc Kinsey RANK: 4 SOAP ROLES: Myrna Slaughter, GENERAL HOSPITAL (1994) Alexandra Spaulding (1984-1992); Iris Cory, TEXAS (1980-1981) Iris Cory, ANOTHER WORLD (1972-1980); Emma Frame Ordway, ANOTHER WORLD (1972); Julie Richards, LOVE IS A SMANY SPLENDORED THING (1970-1971) NAME: Robin Strasser RANK: 5 SOAP ROLES: Dorian Lord, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1979-1987, 1993-2000, 2003-present); PASSIONS (Hecuba, 2000-01; 2002), Dianne Kirkwood, KNOTS LANDING (1990); Christina Karras Martin (1976-1979); Rachel Davis, SOMERSET (1970); Rachel Davis, ANOTHER WORLD (1967-1971, 1972) NAME: Judith Light RANK: 6 SOAP ROLES: Claire Meade, UGLY BETTY (2006-present); Karen Wolek, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1977-1983) NAME: Jeanne Cooper RANK: 7 SOAP ROLES: Katherine Chancellor, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (1973-present); Wedding Guest, GUIDING LIGHT (2009); Katherine Chancellor, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (2005) NAME: Crystal Chappell RANK: 8 SOAP ROLES: Carly Manning, DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1990-1993, 2009-present); Gina Brogno, VENICE (2009-present); Olivia Spencer, GUIDING LIGHT (1999-2009); Maggie Carpenter, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1995-1997); Jane, SANTA BARBARA (1990); Janie, ALL MY CHILDREN (1989) NAME: Sarah Brown RANK: 9 SOAP ROLES: Sandy Sommers, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (2009-present); Claudia Zacchara, GENERAL HOSPITAL (2008-2009); Julisa Larrabee, AS THE WORLD TURNS (2004-2005); Carly Benson Corinthos, GENERAL HOSPITAL (1996-2001) NAME: Helen Gallagher RANK: 10 SOAP ROLES: Maude Boylan, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1997-1998); Nurse Harris, ALL MY CHILDREN (1994); Hannah Tuttle, ANOTHER WORLD (1989); Maeve Ryan, RYAN'S HOPE (1975-1989) NAME: Debbi Morgan RANK: 11 SOAP ROLES: Angie Baxter Hubbard, ALL MY CHILDREN (1982-1990, 2008-present); Jennifer Tartaro, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (2006-2007); Ellen Burgess, PORT CHARLES (1997-1998); Angie Hubbard, THE CITY (1995-1997); Angie Hubbard, LOVING (1993-1995); Chantal Marshall, GENERATIONS (1990-1991) NAME: Jane Elliot RANK: 12 SOAP ROLES: Tracy Quartermaine, GENERAL HOSPITAL (1978-1980, 1989-1993, 1996, 2003-present); Tracy Quartermaine, THE CITY (1996-1997); Anjelica Deveraux, DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1987-1989), Cynthia Preston, ALL MY CHILDREN (1984-1986), Carrie Marler, GUIDING LIGHT (1981-1982); Judy, KNOTS LANDING, (1980-1981); Madge Sinclair, A NEW DAY IN EDEN (1982); Linda Skerba, A FLAME IN THE WIND (1965) NAME: Mary Stuart RANK: 13 SOAP ROLES: Meta Bauer, GUIDING LIGHT (1996-2002); Claire Webber, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1998); Joanne Gardner, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (1951-1986); THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS (1950-1951) NAME: Linda Dano RANK: 14 SOAP ROLES: Lena Kendall, GUIDING LIGHT (2005); Gretel Rae Cummings (1978-1980, 1999-2004); Rae Cummings, GENERAL HOSPITAL (2000); Rae Cummings, PORT CHARLES (2000); Rae Cummings, ALL MY CHILDREN (1999-2000); Felicia Gallant, ANOTHER WORLD (1983-1999); Cynthia Haines, AS THE WORLD TURNS (1981-1982); Airline Clerk, ANOTHER WORLD (1976) NAME: Elizabeth Hubbard RANK: 15 SOAP ROLES: Lucinda Walsh, AS THE WORLD TURNS (1984-1999, 1999-present); Sair Poindexter, GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN (2009-PRESSENT); Estelle Chadwick, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1983-1984); Althea Davis, THE DOCTORS (1964-1969, 1970-1977, 1981-1982); Carol Kramer, THE EDGE OF NIGHT (1963); Anne Benedict Fletcher, THE GUIDING LIGHT (1962) NAME: Genie Francis RANK: 16 SOAP ROLES: Laura Webber Spencer, GENERAL HOSPITAL (1976-1982, 1983-1985, 1993-2002, 2006); Ceara Connor, ALL MY CHILDREN (1990-1992); Ceara Connor, LOVING (1991); Diana Colville, DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1987-1989) NAME: Michelle Stafford RANK: 17 SOAP ROLES: Phyllis Summers, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (1994-1997, 2000-present); Joanna Hadley, PACIFIC PALISADES (1997); Frankie, TRIBES (1990) NAME: Maureen Garrett RANK: 18 SOAP ROLES: Holly Norris, GUIDING LIGHT (1976-1981, 1988-2006, 2009); Elizabeth Jane "E.

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Vanessa Marcil is an American Actress who was discovered after consistent performance on the soap opera.

Born of October 15, 1968 is the daughter of Peter Ortiz and Patricia Marcil.

Her father was a contractor and mother was a herbalist.

Her breakout role saw her locking lips with "GH" hunks like Maurice Benard and Ingo Rademacher, creating one of daytime TV's steamiest love triangles of the 1990s.

As the impulsive, emotional Barrett, she not only earned a kind of long-time fame few daytime TV performers experience, but she also garnered numerous acting awards for her work, including a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Possessing a visage that inspired rock songs and was once likened to that of a young Elizabeth Taylor, Vanessa Marcil first captivated television audiences as dramatic temptress, Brenda Barrett, on the award-winning ...

Read more » Possessing a visage that inspired rock songs and was once likened to that of a young Elizabeth Taylor, Vanessa Marcil first captivated television audiences as dramatic temptress, Brenda Barrett, on the award-winning daytime soap opera, "General Hospital" (ABC, 1963- ).