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Dehyrdating tomatoes

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Have you ever purchased those pint containers of grape tomatoes, and then forgot about them?

Other than chicken food I really couldn’t think of much use for them. Try to get them flat and don’t layer them as they don’t dry well then.

You might find that it takes longer for you because of the humidity in your area or the moisture content of your tomatoes. If you have an oxygen absorber handy to use, that’s bonus!

To rehydrate your dehydrated tomatoes, just place them in warm water for about half an hour.

Dehydrating is one of my favorite ways to preserve tomatoes so I can enjoy their goodness year round.

Drying tomatoes actually concentrates their flavor, while removing the moisture and greatly reducing the amount of space required for storage.

But for those of us in temperate climates, fresh tomatoes are a seasonal treat.

And the season for tomatoes is always way too short for me!

One of my favorite garden tools doesn’t ever even make it out to my garden. When my busy schedule doesn’t allow time for a whole day of canning (which is a rare treat), I preserve my extra harvest using the trusty dehydrator.

It’s that hum you’ll hear in our house 24/7 from about July through October.

I’m hoping to finish up and move on to apples, grapes and beets this next week.

One thing that always bothers me is the amount of waste when canning whole tomatoes.