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In 2011, Dean contributed to the soundtrack for the animated film, Rio by Blue Sky Studios.
It also features a Bulb mode function which allows you to take long exposures and crazy light streaks!

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We may not recognize the value of their wisdom at the time, but later we look back and realize they were sending us a message we needed to hear. Therefore, my first thought upon hearing this dude complain about his woman acting bitchy because he had not “given it to her” was to think, “This brother needs some sensitivity training.” In fact, I even debated whether I should let him know he should be more sensitive to women.A few years ago I had such a prophet appear to me in the form of a DC cab driver. ” Because you’re the kind of guy who calls his girlfriend a “bitch”? After all, not only was he calling his girlfriend a “bitch,” he was speaking of having sex with her rather crudely.Get ready for men and women alike to ask what college(s) you went to, what you studied, and how you plan to apply your degree to your career. So women, whip out your diploma and get ready to talk about the Ivies you got into. Women, you can also rest assured that your date will probably match. C., for all of its career-focus, is still a fit city.Education and career are inevitable topics on pretty much any D. date, so if you don’t like these topics or are embarrassed of the school you went to, well … He’ll likely wear his suit from work, a polo/khakis combo, or a nice button-down. You have to walk a decent amount to get to and from work/the Metro station.

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It’s so bad in DC that they piss you off even faster than you can tune them out and take them home for a one nighter.Say “Let me know if you want to grab a drink sometime.” That way, you’re suggesting the date, but the ball is in their court.After reading this silly advice, I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite columns that Ann Coulter wrote for George Magazine (included in her bestseller, “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)”. Guys and girls, unless you love Longchamp bags, boat shoes, Jack Rogers sandals, and men with fluffy hair delicately combed over and hair-sprayed until it doesn’t move in the wind, you may not love dating in D. Good and bad alike, here’s what you can expect from your date: This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you, too, went to Princeton. C., you’ll find that most of the people you go on dates with have a master’s degree from Georgetown or one of the very preppy southern Virginia schools (George Mason, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia). is not a fashion capital, and as such, men and women tend to put clothing on the back burner. Young women here tend to dress the same, in clothing from Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, J. They pair their clothes with Kate Spade purses and Tory Burch flats in the quintessential preppy uniform. Be prepared for a dating world unique to the dating world. The District is dominated by politics; it’s a one-industry town, like Hollywood. So consumed by it, in fact, that they seem to have no time to develop a sense of personal style, style their hair a little bit (except for the men, who over style it), or foster a lot of interests outside of their office softball/baseball/kickball team that plays on The National Mall once a week. You won’t feel like you have to compete to be the better dresser, and worrying about your clothing on your date definitely won’t be an issue.Smith likens it to “Going Galt” in that men are taking their production away from a society that oppresses them.I only just started the book, but it occurs to me, especially after reading a Buzz Feed article titled “Everything You Need to Know About Dating in 60 Seconds,” that women are all-too-willing to let men go on strike.I’m currently reading a galley copy of “Men on Strike” by Dr. A thought-provoking book that I’ll write about more after I’m done reading it.Basically, it talks about why men are boycotting marriage and fatherhood.But asking someone out doesn’t have to be as formal or terrifying as you may think!A sneaky way to do it is by simply inviting them to ask you out.