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Staropetrovsky vessel has marks of heliacal rising of Sirius and it is an ancient astronomical auxiliary instrument for determining the time at night. Usachuk, 1993), e - photo of the outer side surface of the vessel (photo by A. Usachuk, 2014), f - photo inner surface of the vessel (photo by A. At that time, the vessel was kept in the archaeological collection of the head of Yenakiyevo archaeological expedition V. The inflection formed with the ridge was slightly corrected and leveled, leaving shallow finger impressions.

Keywords: clay vessel, marks, Srubna culture, water clock, clepsydra, modeling, mina, vessel Nu, second, astronomical instrument, archaeoastronomy. The rim of the vessel is slightly everted, while the base meets the body at a concave angle. Primenenie rentgenofluorescentnogo analiza dlya issledovaniya ximicheskogo sostava amfornoj keramiki.

- Ml NOFFlti "■- 847-223-8161 QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION? Cp Qk for us 6|i the internet at " ., ./.^,, _, ■ "■"" In Ai Woch ' ■ For information, call. 19 at noon, the li- brary wilf offer lunch and a movie. Let's Talk Books The children's book discus- sion group meets at p.m. Please register at the Children's Reference desk where you can ... "-"We have nature programs there and local groups," Bridge said, "We.

Attleboro High School I ^ Attleboro, Massachusetts 1997 Dedication We, the class of 1997, dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Whether as a husband, father, teacher, career advisor, yearbook advisor or friend, he truly is a role model for all of us to admire, rio matter how busy he may have been, Mr. He has always been willing to take the time to help us with our academic or personal problems. Burbank for the years of dedication and hard work that he has given to Attleboro High School. 2 I The 1997 Class Advisors The class of 1997 would like to thank you, Mrs. Moriarty, for all the time and hard work you have put in for our benefit.

Durbank has greatly influenced the lives that he has touched these past four years.

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The rallies would never been as much fun as they were.

We would also like to thank you for helping our class get the annual bonfire back into effect.

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